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Maria Wheatley Rollright Circle Explained Lecture

Maria’s book on the Rollright Circle, has been severely suppressed by Amazon, as it contains information on the Long Skulled peoples who where mostly massacred in Wiltshire, and their remains left in the long barrows, near Larkhill military base, just north of Stonehenge.

Maria delivers an excellent presentation live to Facebook, part of the Bases Lectures series
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Bases 91 Operation Midas with Peter Gill

Operation Midas, a Gold smuggling operation using alchemical gold….an amazing tail, involving spies … gold coins made from alchemical , published in a small book, by Peter Gill about the experiences of a designated named person called Max (No relation to Spiers).
Back to WW2 and the white £5 notes dropped over the UK by German aircraft.

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Bases 78 The Intention for the Bubble

Once you have built the bubble, you must know how to program it, with Intention. Positive only..negative does not work.
Then run it with the UV wand and IR lamp, to “charge it up”.
Karen Naismith Roberts interviews Mike for his short visit at Bases’s small Wiltshire studio, so we can get this reshoot completed.
Ordinary concrete can also become a bubble, we started this using the floor of the garage – amazingly successfully. Ditto using of the copper piping in the house as well – just amazing!!! Please, see the Bases 78 Skype interviews with Bill Teising.

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Bases 78 The Bubble Practical Making it

Finally we actually Make the Bubble, one for Miles and one for Christina. This is a practical make it and whats in it video. The INTENTION needed to properly use and enable these devices follows in a seperate video under Bases 78 This is an importnat modification and prcatical use of Wilhelm Reich’s technology. Wilhelm Reich died in jail, as Big Pharmna are against this technlogy.
The use of the term Orgone is now being hunted down by US authorities, while Big Pharma kill us slowly with profit with their toxins in our food and environment

Thanks to Angela and Carlos for helping in the making of the ingredients of the day’s shoot.
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Bases Summer 2018 & The i360

The busy summer of 2018 is summarised here, with two major series, Stepping Stones to Awareness with Caroline Stephens, on it own separate YouTube site, and Tim Rifat on The Gridkeeper site. Both were on Bases initially (Rifat appears over the years on the Jeff Rense show).
Caroline is Campaign manger for Democracy 17-4, and now returns full time to this. Her series for Bases is a wonderful, and she procuced all the interviews during the many days shooting over the summer. She also did a spell at the June 2018 Project Camelot conference, at High Elms Manor, also on Bases the site.
Caroline is an immense talent, and I wish her well on here future career.
Duncan’s series of interviews and lessons with Tium Rifat continue on his Gridkeeper YouTube site.
Bases visited as Tim recorded Part 4 of 100, lessons with Duncan in Brighton, where teh i360 stell colum was alerted to us, as a energetic weapon, short circuiting the higher energies that entire teh British Isles, at the Brighton energy line, with the use of the i360 iron column. Its a technlogy weapon, to reduce the people who live in the British Isles ability for higher senses, and energies. A weapon to dumb us down. All in front of our eyes… The deep foundations of this irson structrure short out the energy as it comes to shore. The 160 windmills couase further damge out to sea, in teh cahnnel. Thus the windmill design is an energy weapon as well as the i360. (i 360 is alerting us to the issues of complex number space energetic weapons)

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Bases 78 Mike Emery Introducing Bill Teising

Mike now in Bases studio gives an introduction to Bill Teising, via Skype from Nashville, on aspects of the now renames Organmic Bubble, as the term Orgone is now problematic in the USA as its classed as Restricted.
Bill is the discoverer of the properties of the Bubble, and discusses some of these with Mike, in this introductory chat.
More to come as Mike visits the Bases HQ in early autum 2018, in Wiltshire

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