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Bases Ireland Awakens Live from Dublin

Mirjam Janse

We were unable to contact Maria Wheatley

We need Radio Mics can anyone get some here.
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Bases 50 Part 4 The LNM Rebuttal

The claims and data in the Brassard and MacDonald YouTube reports is challenged, when in June 2017, after several shows with Late Night In the Midlands,(LNM), Pattie and Karen were exposed to questions from the chatlines. Many were hostile.
In order to investigate this, in Bases 50 Part 3, Karen was asked to give her side of the events.
This was met with abuse and accusations from the LNM host directly to Miles of Bases in mid Sept 2017.Subsequently the moderator who was there at the time, gave this detailed interview to give balance to this controversial story.

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Base 50 Part 3 Karen Macdonald Fast Blast Update Sept 2017

The attack on Canadian journlist Alferd WEbre is featured in this crash record fast blast with Karen Macdonald. We discuss the LMN issues and then focus on the Pattie and Karen alert with Alfred who is extremely ill after attacks, leading to partial blindness and now his voice. Karen has assisted by using the Genius App tek to get his site back. Please see the actual interview by Albert on his site for reference. Pattie mean while was not present due to assignment elsewhere.
In this we brief on the Scalar weaponized triple hurricanes and the Fire Accelerated fires in north America. Fast blast Take raw.

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Bases 76 Hilary Jacobson Part Two

Hilary’s insight and bravery comes through as she goes into the aggressive attack so called “chemical” science and health has been aggressively attacking the human female, over the needs for herbs and natural nutrients in diet on lactation, the natural ability of our bodies to provide the baby with the milk and warmth of the mother in the early days after birth.
The march to robotisation of humanity. One of the core reasons for Bases is to bring these horrors to the surface, so we can face this down. Hilary / Dana explains this has happened TWICE before, in our ancient past.

Knowing it ‘doesn’t work’ is no excuse to just sit back and allow it to happen. We need to wake up and take action….

Introducing her beautiful parrot as well…..
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