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Bases 50 Part 31 Hart Shayler and Miles

Bases 50 returns, with Part 31, from July 2017. The previous show with CJH and David Shayler was too controversial for Revolution Radio, who “had a corrupted” recording of it. So Christine asked Miles to record this weeks second show with David so she could get a second chance to get his information out. Both CJH and David have been either in Mi6 or Mi5, so both have insider views on issues..and we bit of something to say. CJH asked Miles to chip in during this 2mnd hour. The 1st hour was not with Shayler and is not recorded by Bases.

CJH is Christine Joanna Hart
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Bases at The Black Swan Fast Blast Chillout

bit of a chill out for Base at The Black Swan. The weather means the BBQ is not likely so just stay on after the Conference and chill in the hotel.
Final few hours to get you ticket using

Do Order Lunch when you get there, so we can have a reasonable time for Vanessa Bates to give talk on the killing of her son, Max Spiers a year ago.

Major contribution by Christine Joanna Hart for the first time. Vital research from David Moncoeur, opening with a new speaker Jane Shattock, who’s mother and her own work has vital insights into the world we live in today
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Bases at The Black Swan Fast Blast

Fast blast on the Bases at The Black Swan Hotel.
July 22nd , from 11am to 7pm (max)
tickets £10 at
Order your lunch BEFORE you get to the events room up the stairs
Speakers are
Jane Shattock (new)
Vanessa Bates on her late son Max,
David Moncoeur, veteran UFO researcher (The Bentwaters spiders)
Christine Joanna Hart , who engineered the destruction of the News of The World, and operated via MI6 Front Companies
and Experiencer TI sessions, free open mike to tell their story.

Followed by social at Bases HQ, bring your own. Numbers limited and by invitation only.
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Bases 71 Nick Sands TI & Abductee Part 4

concluding Nick Sand’s witness account of a Reptilian Occupation Force’s obsession with shooting down other ET craft, seeking time travel technology, as the “fear their future”.
This is using DERA bases and British bases to secure these craft, and then turn them around for use in a War in Space. Duping the craft with “CE-5” bait, they were then shot down, and refurbsihed for human use. Here Nick reveals that the 1999 Sandsike shoot down, involved a 2 ‘man’ Grey crew.
Nick was offered a post in the “Space Field”, but turned it down when he had an idea of what is involved. Since then he has been abused, used, and Targeted.

Part 3 was stopped as he was being attacked by a pain in his throat, and he tasted blood from a sharp pain.

We eventually wound up the series of interviews in this part 4, and he was then off by train to his home in Cumbria.
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Bases 71 Nick Sands TI & Contactee Part 3

Day 2, after a rest, Nick now goes into his abductions with Greys, and the walks in the countryside near the DERA base at Sandysike, north of Carlisle, where Reptilians kept track of him, while he spent a year at the base. He refused to join the space field team, and then took the hit for not doing so.

He mentions the Greenham Common protesters who were targets by similar radiation hi frequency weapons he was attacked by, using concealed weapons in the back spare tire cavity of 4 by 4’s.

All in all a nasty catalog of abuse. all so DERA could shoot down UFOs, and dispose of the crew no doubt.. and return the craft to flight…under Reptilian ET invasion force control..or something along those lines.

Its taken 17 years for Nick to recover and tell us his experiences.
The interview is aborted when he starts getting stabbing pains in his throat and tasted blood…

A final short part 4 follows
As with all Bases material do NOT Believe. Just take note of the information.

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Bases 71 Nick Sands TI & Contactee Part 2

Contactee and Targeted Individual Nick Sands continues Day 1 of his witness statement, condeming the ability of the powers that be to Section people who have had UFO encounters, and then force them to work for what he desribes as the Illegal militaryt practice of downing UFOs, and then reusing the craft for military purpoises, thereby bring humanity into anb ET War scenario, with no information what so ever being given to the public “for security reasons”.
The Keswick and general Lake District zone, from carisle to the west, including the nuclear power stations are hinted at having been compromised by ETs, who are against our collective interest… in so many words.
Nick talks slowly , but the viewrrt must try to follow the implications of what he is saying.
It is very important to be alert to subtle uses of certain phrases, and the context of those phrases.
The premis being that we have “allied” ourselves witha rogue Reptilian group, who want to get access to Pleiadian time travel technology.

Day 2 follows.
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