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Bases 48 Peter Paget Nov 2018 Update

Peter updates on his own site, so do go there for his regular updates. He has asked for this one to run on Bases, I have designated it a Bases 48 supplimental.

As with all authors I encourage people to READ and become informed.
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Fast Blast on EGYPT & Christmas Luncetime Lectures Dec 16th 2018

Fast Blast for The Sunday Dec 16th Lunctime Christmas lectures, from around midday.
APPEAL:- If you know anyone who is connected with the late Oliver Marshall, who passed away a few weeks ago, can you get them to contact me at I want to show his film Street Eyes, to celebrate his talent, and require copyright clearance to show it at the Angel Cinema. If this happens it will start from 1030am, as we must leave by midday. The Angel cinema is right beside the Black Swan Hotel, centre of Devizes. £10 on the door for the film. £10 on the door for the lectures to cover travel and booking expenses.

Lectures follow after Christmas Lunch, at The Black Swan Hotel, Devizes. You must BOOK your Christmas lunch ahead of time.

If youy wish to go, contact Miles ASAP.

Lectures by Gabe Cruz, Max Steele on 5G and more, via Skype. Caroline Stephens, Michael Shrimpton on Brexit, Mike Emery on the Orgone Bubble, Ura Soul on the Facebook class action lawsuit.
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Bases 88 Tim Tony Stark Rifat’s Gridkeeper Suppliments 01

This is a complete package of the three important suppliments Tim Rifat asked to be on Bases, prior thim leaving “enemy territory” as he put it on the Jeff Rense Show, Miles gives his 10p worth to introduce this compilation,
Do follow Rifat on the Jeff Rense show, and Gridkeeper youtube site, there is mopre to be revealed.

The comedy has gone now, its getting serious, and its all actually to try and save “your” necks!
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Bases 92 Michael Lewis Conclusions of a Parapsychologist

This is an important look at the deatil of Briatin’s UFO and paranormal research. BUFOA being Mi5.. importnat extra view on some of the Bases Ammach cases… no names mentioned. Michael died, for a DAY, like so many in this subject it involves leaving the 3D world we live in..and meeeting, in his case Angels..he returned the day before his original death to continue his work and therapies.
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Bases 88 Tim Rifat Super Soldier Technology Explained

Tim Tony Stark Rifat gives us a short overview of his unique Super Soldier Service which is available to the public. The assemblage point over the right shoulder blade is moved to the base of the head creating a Metatronic State which is 1 down from the Grail Stated being Tim Tony Stark Rifat. The Metatronic State allows one to freely enter hellspace and C space to erase or create real world effects.

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