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Update 22 Feb 2019 attacks and future

Comment on the resurgence of the ‘demonic’ sourced attacks, and the background to last years attack. This is a planned collective attack with routes in 2011, the clones which even effected Gabriel Cruz
The future and the Tim Rifat-Gridkeeper issues which are extremely important. The Divine Feminine and the Wonder we have ahead of us.

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Fast Blast Feb 2019 2 North Poles Katy Perry

This focuses on the split of the north pole to 2 lobes, one in Canada the other we all know about in Siberia. (Refere to Vetrans Today feature by Peter Paget) However the websites I wanted to illustrate this with, all vanished and I still cant find the youtube sites that have this data. The Canadian pole has greatly reduced even since before Xmas, which shows a predicted pole change very soon within a decade.
The second major event is the Illuminati Queen Katy Perry, who was trianed by Tim Rifat, now to marry Orlando Bloom, but wait a minute Max Spiers had a relationship with Perry, AND remember that ceremony with Orlando and Max in Canterbury Cathedral.. rather a lot connecting here! See the GRIDKEEPER for the data on this.
Also an alert about the Organmic Bubbles, make sure your Bubble genie has an end command, so they will shut down once their tasks are done. People are having their Orgone products DE-listed on the internet, due to the word Orgone.

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Caroline Stephens BREXIT at The Bases Christmas Lectures 2018

Caroline Stephens is on the BREXIT Campaign and closes the Bases Christmas 2018 lecture series witah strong blast on thsi issue.
Caroline was guest host for the test channel Stepping Stones to Awareness, The Purple summer series and a couple of Bases interviews in 2018. We wish this outstanding talent and on screen femme well on her hot campaign trail in 2019, and look forward to working with her when her time permits

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