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Bases 19 Part 13 appendix

In Bases 19 parts 12 & 13 Marie Kayali gave detailed accounts of her UFO pictures taken in the Birmingham area during the late summer 2017 and some other issues and images of her eye. Near the end of part 13 she described this photo taken without her recall inside an ET Craft, of some kind of robotoid ET being.

After the edit of part 13, Marie sent these enhanced versions, which are made available as an appendix to Part 13

please refer to Marie’s channel for further information
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Bases 19 Part 13 Marie Kayali’s UFOs Part 2

Marie Kayali’s account continues in part 13, with a second much closer look at her UFOs, (see Bases 19 part 12 for the first section) she is able “be there to photograph” and video.
She discusses in a very subtle way how this happens and we get through many of her recent stills, and then discuss a lot of her earlier events and experiences.
Here we see her with her late sister, who was smashed in the head during a race gang warfare raid on the family home many years ago. This was just one of many terrible events, some leading to the murder of her late daughter Gina.
Marie made several references to her existence and her entire family being “erased”.

Also some off the cuff comments about the matrix, and how it going faulty.
Still recovering from a severe illness some time ago, Marie gives her charming and unassuming account of these UFOs, even as we close almost promising a selfie with the ETs, as one photo she has was from INSIDE a UFO.
with blessings to Marie, from her late mother’s home in Birmingham

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Bases 2017 Ireland Awakens Sandra Fecht

The Bases Lectures series continue from The Ireland Awakens conference held in Dublin, in Sept 2017. This is Canadian, Sandra Fecht a stalwart campaigner against Satanic Ritual Abuse.
Several of her team visited Ireland and then the UK. This is her first lecture on camera in the British Isles.

This is the first lecture from the conference, held after a day’s field trip to the Energy 1906 FM border blaster dance music station used to broadcast in Monaghan, nearby transmitter site, where the station controller, Lawrence John, was abducted by ETs, via interdimensional portal at the ancient “St Patrick’s Chair and Well site, less than a mile ay in Northern Ireland. This trip also included a visit to Castle Leslie, home of the late Desmnd Leslie, author of many UFO books in the early years.
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Awakening of 12 Strands Screening Venue

Come along to the screening of this SciFi movie for the thinking woman, Awakening of 12 Strands, London screening on Wed 2nd November Book Now for your ticket using Eventbright.
This is brief chat with the films producer, script writer, director, actor, and editor Sandra Daroy, a Bases Film Festival Entrant in 2015, who has continued to focus her talent and create this excellent film, with advanced concepts. as discussed here via Skype.

Venue is the Close Up Cinema, London Wed Nov 22nd Nov from 5pm
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AI Cyborg Mainstream Press Alert, Books & Donation Info

The UK Channel 4 is doing a series on the Cyborgs and Robots now entering Society…its happening. (Other countries like Holland are way ahead of the UK in telling their population about the effects of AI and the Cyborgs)
The Human transition to a Cyborg existence, and ultimately, as many plan, by 2045, an existence ONLY in a computer matrix, is now in work.

This update focuses on vital books to read, One Step Beyond..The 16, by John Urwin and Spyhunter, The Secret History of the German Intelligence Service by Michael Shrimpton and a heavily coded edition of the London Evening Standard. (Nov 14th 2017)

Donation information as well, since many have complained I don’t give out the information needed for donating , just visit site and use the donate button. or directly using via PayPal

Bases started over 27 years ago looking at synthetic beings, called Programmed Generated Life Forms being made in Peasemore. Its all coming true, as the population management systems increase, and the new generation of kids, born since the 2000’s are called “flakes” “Snow Flakes” give them any problem, or ‘heat’ in life and they fade away like a snow flake.
The stage is set for a cyborg take over. Existing humans will comply, and all reproduction will be in labs.

But who is listening, who can be bothered. Do we really deserve to survive if no one is prepared to do anything….”COMPLY”
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Awakening of 12 Strands 2nd & Street Eyes Updat

Great News that TWO of the original Bases Film Festival entrants are doing so well.
Street Eyes, by Marshall Film is now available on Amazon, and was shot in the US, by British Producer-Director, Oliver Marshall. This is a SciFI Alien and Men in Black Film shot in the Los Angeles – Hollywood area. Full of action, and even Steven Basset stars as an MiB

The second film is by Estonian Producer – Director, Sandra Daroy. Her original entry, “Walk In Case” is being re-shot. She has now completed her first full length feature:- Awakening of 12 Strands, an advanced concepts SciFi film, shot in Wiltshire, London in England.

Do book for your screening at the Close Up Film Centre, 87 Sclater St, London E1-6HR using Evenbrite, for Nov 22nd early evening. Tickets about £10

Bases supporting new talent and encouraging Indie Film.
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