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– Attacked for the #BlackGoo story.

Mark Comments on Nevil Johnson’s Prophecy: THE LAST DAYS BEGIN IN 2017 !!!
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Bert Crevier: WARNING!! Obama is Coming Back – Pay Attention!!!

WARNING!! Obama is Coming Back – Pay Attention!!!


Anti-Christ Waiting For His Father To Empower

Barack Obama will be Back | Obama is not done yet | Obama is the ANTI CHRIST

Breaking! Obama Turns Into The Antichrist? Demon Exposed

FINALLY! Barack Obama Is The Antichrist! He Just Told Whole World He Is!…

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Deadly quake rocks Mexico

A huge earthquake has killed at least 224 people in central Mexico
The quake toppled buildings in the capital, Mexico City, trapping many under rubble
A school in Mexico City’s Coapa district collapsed, killing at least 20 children, officials say
Hundreds of volunteers have joined emergency services in the search for survivors
Many of the deaths occurred in the neighbouring states of Morelos and Puebla
The magnitude 7.1 quake had its epicentre in Puebla, south-east of the capital
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