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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Alert!!! Final Social Cataclysm Begins Today

Sunday, October 2, 2016


The last day of the last year of the Jewish Jubilee ended about 2 hours ago.

This now opens the door for this Massive War to accelerate to the point where it is going to effect every person on this planet – no one will remain unscathed.

We can see from recent reports that today it was announced in Russia that they are sending in huge numbers of Fighter Jets, Missiles and soldiers to “Free” the remaining 50,000 inhabitants of the once thriving city of Aleppo Syria – 10 years ago consisting of over 2,5 million people.

Russia has announced that a FULL SCALE WAR is imminent as the Western Banking System begins to fall apart.

Russia also announced today that they are preparing for Nuclear War as Chinese and Russian Troops flood into the “Levant War Zone”

This was announced following the US State Department announcing that US Troops will send Russians home in Body Bags and begin destroying cities in Russia.
It was further announced that the Fall of Deutsche Bank is imminent and it may take down the Euro, which is pegged to the Dollar. So when the Euro Falls the dollar will follow 2 weeks later according to an Intel Brief about 2 years ago.

As we watch Russia and the Insane US Corporation banter back and forth we begin to realize that maybe this was all planned – even to the day???