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The Keenan Team & King Farouk

Let’s take the proceedings up a few notches for the Group K website community and the ‘It’s A Keenan Thing’ facebook group, along with other concerned citizen SLAVES around the world – and look toward uncovering our ‘corporate identities’.

We have some members with smarts, but if we can move them on up to becoming private investigators [Magnum-sized P.I.’s – even] it will provide us with more eyes and ears on the ground globally; to shake the whole rickety crooked corporate structure.

Just as you can read between the lines in newspapers on any given day, you can discover clues and truths slipped in by the ‘Powers That Be’ – if you look hard enough in terms of what is actually going on. Additionally, you will find that pertinent disclosure information can also be found in movies.

One exceptional example in terms of a movie revealing the hidden side of financial world is the classic film; The Wizard of Oz.


Follow The Yellow Brick Road

The following extracts are from a commentary of The Wizard of Oz, which is the real meaning of the film.

As such, The Wizard of Oz, was an allegory for the new state of affairs in America in the1930’s following the stock market crash (and manipulated withdrawal of the money supply) that led to the factual bankruptcy of the United States Government following immediately thereafter.

After the bankruptcy, Kansas was no longer just plain old “Kansas,” it was now “KS”, an artificial corporate venue of the bankrupt United States, newly established “federal territory,” part of the “Federal Zone,” and Dorothy and Toto were in “this state” now.

On her journey in this unfamiliar land, Dorothy meets up with three unusual “characters,” each having a different problem or challenge as portrayed on the silver screen; but their true identity has been decoded and it follows:

The first was the Scarecrow (a man of straw – a front) and “he” identified his straw-man persona for Dorothy; “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking. Of course, I am not bright about doing things.”

And in his classic song, “If I only had a Brain,” the Scarecrow / Straw Man succinctly augured; “I’d unravel every riddle for every ‘individuadle’ (individual) in trouble or in pain.”

Today, in light of Redemption, we would translate it as; “Once one discovers that his straw-man exists, all political and legal mysteries, complexities and conditions are resolved or understood.

And if one takes legal title (control) of his ‘Straw-man’, he becomes the ‘authorized representative’ of the ‘straw-man’; able to accept and discharge (settle) all commercial affairs as in Oz (the new commercial world – aka the MATRIX). This is because the ‘straw-man’ has no BRAINS, and no hands nor fingers by which to grasp a pen in order to write a check, so to speak; to pay a fine, fee, tax or debt!”

The second character was the Tin Man, or T.I.N. man (also identified as; Tax payer Identification Number”). The Tin Man was a hollow man of metal, a “vessel,” a “vehicle” – these were at the time, newly created commercial code words for the straw-man. Just like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man had no brain and no heart. Both were “artificial persons.”

One of the definitions of “tin” in Webster’s dictionary is “counterfeit.” The Tin Man also represented the mechanical and heartless aspect of commerce and commercial law. Just like they say in the Mafia; “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” And in another line of work not dissimilar similar to the Mafia, the business of lawyering; they have the attitude that it’s nothing personal, “bidness is bidness.”

The heartless Tin Man also carried an axe, the traditional symbol for God, i.e., modern commercial law in most earlier dominant civilizations, including fascist states. In the words of the Tin Man, expressing relief after Dorothy had oiled his rusty points and parts said; “I’ve held that axe up for ages.”

The word “ace” is etymologically related to the word “axe,” and in a deck of cards the only one above the King is the Ace. i.e. God. One of the “Axis” Powers of World War II, Italy, was a fascist state. The symbol for fascism is the “fasces,” a bundle of rods with an ax bound up in the middle and its blade projecting. The fasces may be found on the reverse side of the American Mercury-head Dime (in Roman deity ‘Mercury’ was the God of Commerce).

It can also be found on the wall behind, and on each side of, the speaker’s podium in the US Senate (each gilded fasces is approximately six feet in height), and at the base of the US Senate are two crossed fasces.

The third character that Dorothy met was the Cowardly Lion, or “King of Beasts,” and as the most feared of all animals in the jungle, was lacking in ‘courage.’

The Lion is symbolic of the once fearless American people, who have since lost their courage. Yes, there are a lot of “hot talkers” out there, just listen to your local radio talk shows.

American men love to talk, but not many have the courage to “DO” a damn thing! The American people are scared of the corporate Federal System and local revenue collectors, i.e. cops and judges, in their so-called courtrooms (tribunals) of justice (commerce).

After your first few encounters with the “Just-Us” system, believing there was ‘justice’ in the courts, you probably lost some of your courage too. And you may have not known it, but the IRS [or insert your country’s tax department name here] has been dealing with only your ‘Straw-man’ (debtor) strictly under the laws of commerce, and they are just like the Tin Man; heartless.

After Dorothy and her three companions made their way to Oz, they had learned that they had to go  see the ‘Wizard.’

In order to find the Wizard, they had to just “follow the yellow brick road,” (gold is known as ‘yellow bricks’ and are melted into ‘ingots!’) All one has to do is follow the trail of America’s stolen gold, and you will find the thief who stole it.

Between 1916 and 1933, most of America’s gold was rounded up by the ‘privately owned’ Federal Reserve Banks and shipped off to the Fed owners in England and Germany. The reason for this was that Federal Reserve Notes could be redeemed in gold, and the use of Federal Reserve Notes carried an interest penalty that could only be paid in gold.

The American people were defrauded into trading their gold for (worthless) paper with green ink on it, and our previous currency, the United States Notes, carried no such interest requirement, but such was the bargain that came with the Federal Reserve Notes. The reason why JFK was murdered was because he was re-issuing United States Notes – interest free!

Go to any coin store and see or buy a 1963 U.S. (not Federal Reserve Note).

Take notice of where it reads “UNITED STATES NOTE” not “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE”:

When the bankruptcy was declared in 1933, Americans were required (misdirected) to turn in all gold coinage, gold bullion, and gold certificates by May 1st, May Day, (the birthday of Communism in Bavaria in 1776, the birthday of the IRS, and celebrated worldwide as the International Workers Holiday,” (a holy day to the Wizard and his tribe).

You can read more about the Wizard of Oz analogy here


What About Other Countries?

Most of our attention has been focused on what is happening in the united States and the United States Inc. and not on the rest of the countries of the world.  So let’s take a few moments and look around at where each of us lives.

Start by looking at your driver’s license, national identity card, passport, car registration, house and land titles and generally anything that YOUR government has issued to you.

In all incorporated countries YOUR NAME will be in capital letters.  That tells you that YOUR government has created a “straw man” / “straw woman” in your given name and that it now considers you to be a SLAVE (and in the U.S. “an ENEMY OF THE CORPORATE STATE”).

Now this is a rude awakening for most people, so now go out and tell all your friends and people you meet to look at their documents to see their NAMES in capital letters, too, and tell them what that means is they too are SLAVES to the corporate government (New World Order).

Remember that as SLAVES, you own NOTHING! Look closely at all deeds and title documents, and you will probably find that you are only a “tenant” not the “owner.”

SLAVES CANNOT OWN ANYTHING! You have been scammed beyond belief!

Here’s the “fun part”: Now that you know that your country is run by a “Corporation” and CEO (not Presidents or Prime Ministers) under Admiralty (UCC Commercial) Law, you need to find out “WHO OWNS THE CORPORATION.”

This may take some digging. Many Catholic countries are owned by the Vatican which owns the Crown in London (City of London – a Corporation), and thus many Commonwealth countries are domiciled there. Some are registered in island tax havens, while others may have been incorporated locally.

The UN was set up by the French Government, and the UN owns the IMF, which owns the United States of America Inc. which is bankrupt, as are many other incorporated countries.

Now all corporations have SHAREHOLDERS, so WHO ARE THEY? They also must have a Board of Directors, so WHO ARE THEY? Now if you can find out this, things will get very interesting indeed!

How about the Corporation’s Annual Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements?  All Corporations have to file these statements somewhere.

Perhaps the UN? If there is a debit, there must be a credit. This is what the Collateral Accounts are all about!

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is supposed to facilitate balances between countries. Can you find this information?

You may also have fun digging into WHO OWNS YOUR CENTRAL BANK? Dig deep and you will probably find that it is a banking cartel controlled by the Rothschild’s or their local stooges, Knights Templar of Freemasons or BAR members, but not by your country’s citizens.  Do your research. Find out the truth. It will shatter any complacency!

This example details an investigation into the corporate government of New Zealand:

The New Zealand Government: A United States SEC Registered Corporation

Now comes an even more fun part! Let’s create a database of these crooks and slavers!

It is time to expose them. You and the rest of the world have a right to know!

Let’s broadcast it! Shame on them – let’s add them to the Group K No Fly List!

We need the assistance of all of you in exposing this global scam, so start asking questions of your so-called government. It all has to be on record somewhere. And if not or if they cannot prove the legitimacy, then they are illegal / unlawful and should be brought to a corporate court (international court of justice) to be charged with fraud along with many other legal infringements.

So please join in the fun and share your findings for YOUR country, state, county, city or whatever they claim to have incorporated. Name the culprits. Shine the spotlight on them. Tell them “THE JIG IS UP!”

Then read Judge Anna’s postings on how to reclaim YOUR CORPORATE NAME into “your name.” She has shared a step by step process by which to do this.

There are also other ways of tracing back the “Trust” that YOUR Government set up in YOUR NAME and the CREDIT balance that is there. In the U.S. this is done using your Social Security Number that can be traced back to your “Trust” Number and Account that is listed on the NY Stock Exchange!

On the front side of your Social Security Card is your public-side Account Identity and on the reverse side of this card is a red serial number, signifying your private-side (hiding your “Security Trust Account”) which creates the Money Bonds that the bank gets and then turns into their Money Credit, which they loan to You-a-Corporation franchise, or to their fortune 500 Corporations.

I bet you didn’t know that, huh?  DIG! DIG! DIG!

Other countries may use your I.D Number and list your “Trust” overseas somewhere. FIND IT! Just keep asking the right questions. PUT THE PRESSURE ON THEM!

…and you may just find that there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Good luck to all of you – you Magnum-sized P.I’s

Neil Keenan, Group K & King Farouk






Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.


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