‘The darkest time in prophetic history is now upon us’ – The final act has begun as the ultimate purpose for Orlando massacre is exposed » Intellihub

The Obama administration is not telling Americans the full story of what occurred on June 12, 2016

The headlined quote comes from Steve Quayle from an outstanding and eye-opening interview on June 14 with Sheila Zilinski from the Weekend Vigilante, where Steve explains a message he received “Warn my people, the night now is upon us,” explaining the message means that “The darkest time in prophetic history is now upon us,” as he and Sheila breakdown the horrifying massacre in Orlando, Florida that killed 49 people and left 53 others severely injured.

Quite a few dots are connected from the name of the gay nightclub “Pulse,” where the terrorist attack occurred in Orlando, in connection to the upcomingTogether 2016” July event sponsored by the “Pulse Movement,” also referred to as the “Reset movement,”  to the conflicting eyewitness accountsclaiming there were multiple shooters, where the ultimate purpose of the massacre is exposed. (Side Note – The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses)

Quayle gets to the point right off the bat: Was this a false flag? “YES” – Were people killed? “YES” –  Was the ultimate purpose gun control? “YES.”

While many related topics are covered in the interview which can be heard in its entirety at the end of this article, there are quite a few points to be made about those initial assertions, confirmed by a seriesof events that happened in rapid succession in the hours and days following the terror attack.

Gun control being the ultimate goal can be evidenced by how quickly Barack Obama came out lamenting how easy it is to obtain weapons, as well as Hillary Clinton highlighting gun control, and  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who just happens to be a Muslim American, immediately declares “gun control,” to be a matter of national security,  as the MSM continue to pound away on the topic of gun control, rather than catching and controlling the jihadists already in America to prevent further terror attacks. Right on cue, the UN joins this planned campaign against the Second Amendment, asreported by CNS News “U.N. Human Rights Chief Says U.S. Needs ‘Robust Gun Regulation’.”

It is also noteworthy that Johnson has previously attempted to misdirect the public by attacking “right-wingers” (the people who willing to address the radical Islamic dangers in America), while making it clear that the Obama administration’s official policy is torefrain from connecting terrorist acts, committed by Muslim radicals,with Muslim radicals.

You simply can’t make this stuff up!

KEY QUOTE via the Daily Caller:

As originally reported by The Daily Caller on Monday, a reportpublished by that subcommittee last week urged DHS to avoid using the words “sharia” and “jihad” (among others) when discussing terrorism, in order to avoid offending Muslims.

Since the massacre occurred in the middle of the night, Obama lost the narrative before he could push his gun control agenda as multiple reports accurately highlighted this as not a “hate” crime but a “terrorist attack,” especially after the news hit the wires about the shooter telling police he swore allegiance to ISIS.

Anyone that still doubts the Orlando attack was a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, just read what Mateen told a local news station when he called in, stating “I’m the shooter. It’s me. I am the shooter. I did it for ISIS,” the caller said, according to Gentili, “I did it for the Islamic State.”

Also noted in the Quayle interview was that ISIS warned “we will attack Florida” just three days before Florida was attacked, as well aslisting 600 Floridians out of over 8,000 names, on their recent “kill list.”

Love him or hate him, the one thing no one can deny is that whenDonald Trump immediately, the day of the attack, came out on the offensive, naming the enemy as “a radical Islamic terrorist,” it brought down the wrath of the MSM (who was trying to push Obama’s “gun control” message), establishment Republicans, Democrats and liberals across the board, which showing they learned nothing from the take-down of the other 16 Republican contenders during the primary season, they simply managed to spread Trump’s message, which in turn highlighted that we have a radical Islamic problem in America.

This explains what the New York Post describes as “Obama’s Tantrum,” where in a fit of pique, Obama showed more anger over Trump’s highlighting of the real issue, radical Islamics, than he did over the actual slaughter of 49 people and the injuries of another 50-plus.

Via NYP:

Obviously furious over criticism that his anti-terror policies are weak and that the Orlando slaughter proves it, he went on a televised tirade to let America know he’s mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.
He laid waste to a field of straw men, cable-TV pundits and the always-evil “partisan rhetoric,” by which he means anyone who disagrees with him. It was a striking display of personal anger and pent-up grievances — and a total failure of leadership during a national crisis. […] Obama’s demeanor and tone were far from presidential — tantrums rarely are. Nor was he effective in rallying the nation to his cause. No surprise there. His cause is himself, always and only, and his greatly diminished historic presidency looks especially insignificant next to the bloodshed in Orlando. The iconic redeemer who promised hope and change never seemed so small and hopeless.

America saw Barack Obama at low tide yesterday, revealed as brimming with fury and bankrupt of ideas and even sympathy for the dead. The man who had an answer for everything and a solution to nothing is now also out of excuses.

Compounding the loss of control of the “official” planned gun control narrative, multiple witnesses publicly stated there was more than one gunman. (You will hear more about what is being hidden from the public about the scene of the massacre from inside sources, detailed by Quayle in the interview below)

Much to Obama’s dismay, others are highlighting the true issue at play here and it certainly isn’t gun control, because people are now more focused on the finger on the triggers, rather than the weapon, as seen by Milo Yiannopoulos who explains “Islam is the problem,”stating that “The left has got to make a decision. Either they want female emancipation and it wants gay rights or it wants Islam. It’s got to pick.”

Michael Goodwin joins the chorus of voices saying “Stop blaming Orlando shooting on everything but radical Islam.”

REMINDER “Retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, the former Defense Intelligence Agency chief, once said “You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists,” referring to the administration’s refusal to use the phrase ‘Islamic militants” when referring to jihadists.” Obama still will not name the enemy and it has nothing to do with “politicalcorrectness,” it is because he has no plans to “defeat the enemy,” his only goal is to disarm Americans.

HEADS UPNow ISIS is urging attacks at “movie theaters, hospitals, airports, trains, amusement parks and restaurants,” as they praise the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen as a “lion of the caliphate” and a “hero” for slaughtering 49 “infidels” — and calling on other lone jihadis to follow his example.

With news that there are up to 10,000 FBI terror investigations at this time, and they are being “swamped” by an “avalanche” of tips, (which did no good in stopping the Orlando massacre as evidenced by the fact they investigated him previously and failed to stop this slaughter), the wide-ranging interview below with Steve Quayle is a must-listen, as he covers not just the ultimate purpose for this most recent false flag attack on the part of the administration, but also specifically details the ultimate goal on the part of the radical Islamics, and offers some advice to people to prepare for what is coming.

Listen carefully to Steve’s description of the Orlando crime scene as he was talking on the phone with a source to learn that the MSM and the Obama administration is not telling Americans the full story of what occurred on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

Via an email from Sheila Zilinsky – “Steve Q lays down the  gauntlet on all things Muslim and provides an in depth analyses on Orlando (based on his connections in military), and how it relates to the coalescence of what we are seeing =-connecting all the dots… Very good show I think you will agree .”

Via All News Pipeline

Source: ‘The darkest time in prophetic history is now upon us’ – The final act has begun as the ultimate purpose for Orlando massacre is exposed » Intellihub


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