Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What false flag would that be? The U.S. court system, which flies a false flag of justice! The easy rules are for the elite, who, when they get busted by even the easy rules (which include the worst offenses of all), get to walk free without prosecution, while the little guy gets the difficult laws, where even pathetic meaningless “offenses” result in jail time.


That is the only thing that can explain what is really going on with Hillary. The biggest pit of infection in America is the legal system, which is being systematically used to kill the country. Allowing that system to thrive equals the death of the nation. The very first round in a civil war has to be directed against this system, including its law enforcement, to make it possible to uproot the evil they are protecting.

Disagree with a teacher? That system will take your kids. Have a problem with where your taxes are going? That system will take everything you have. Have any sort of fight or dispute? Into that system you go, to fill a slave labor pool. That system is the tool of tyranny, it is the worst in the world, anyone who has encountered it ought to know it, and in America that is practically everyone now. Just try to say no to even an arcane law and see what happens to you – at the very least your life will be knocked to zero by jail time that causes you to miss all payments and bills for a few months, which will cause everything you have to be cast out on the street and when you get out of jail you will start over at ZERO. That is the least the system will do to you. That will happen if you are lucky.

And Hillary proved it is all a false flag – there is no justice in America, come on now, if you think there is, you are some sort of imbecile.

American courts now serve, almost unilaterally, PURE injustice, and the prison stats for the little guy, when overlaid on top of what Hillary got away with, prove it.

Hillary: “There should be no bank too big to fail, and no individual too powerful to jail”

Hillary said that herself, and it was captured on C-Span. I could not access this video until I went to youtube and searched it up myself, links are blocked I guess but here one is: and the view counts are so low it proves this video is being tampered with. Too many people hate Hillary for this to not be absolutely viral. If it does not work when you click it, simply drop the line “There should be no bank too big to fail, and no individual too powerful to jail” into the Youtube search window and it will probably work.

SORCHA REPORT: Guccifer might be dead

Sorcha is sort of a running joke with credibility, but this one is interesting –

“Rumors are circulating” that Guccifer has been killed by the Clintons. Nothing is official on this yet, however there are now two different things being said which when put together do not look good. 1. He was found dead hanging in his jail cell and 2. Now no one knows where he is at all (and Sorcha did not come up with that one.)

Given the well documented Clinton death count, how significant would it really be to add Guccifer to the list?

In addition to this (possible) rumor is the fact that Snopes jumped on it immediately saying it was false, too immediately to be credible, they were onto this before it was plausibly possible for them to be onto it, which implies Snopes may have had the inside scoop before the deed was done. I strongly believe Snopes is not beyond being informed a murder will take place beforehand and debunk it before it even happens. Snopes is nothing but evil, a lie pot fronted to push communist agendas. They would be there for the Clintons.

I had my doubts Guccifer was real. If he is dead, he was most definitely real. At least I linked his hack of Hillary’s mails here, hopefully at least a few people have that archived.

Obviously the verdict is still out because this story is so new and sources spurious (sort of like whispers from behind the bush) but I sure as * am not going to consider what Snopes said as anything to go by. Despite being out on a branch somewhere, Sorcha is more credible than Snopes by a LONG SHOT.

Source: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/wcit-hillary-just-busted-biggest-false.html?m=1

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