Zika False Flag

July 6 2016

I am bumping the GMO mosquito report to the top with an explanation so people understand it better. This one is important.

The GMO mosquito that was released in Brazil had a so-called “safety mechanism” built into it, to “prevent it from breeding beyond one generation in the wild”. The safety mechanism was a scam designed to fail, because it was based around the antibiotic tetracycline. Sounds good, right? well, NO, not if you understand where antibiotics come from.

Antibiotics are manufactured naturally, in the wild, by mostly bacteria and fungi. Antibiotics are produced by many lower organisms so they can poison their environment against competing species. The antibiotic tetracycline, was supposed to be a “kill switch” for the GMO mosquitoes. If it was not present, any generation of mosquito larvae NOT EXPOSED to it would be sterile, but still develop to adulthood. So the GMO biologists scammed the approval process by “Proving their mosquitoes could not produce fertile offspring unless tetracycline was present in the water the larvae grew in”.

PROBLEM: Tetracycline is produced in abundance by the most common soil bacteria in the world, a bacteria so common it is what gives dirt it’s “earthy” smell. So by using tetracycline as a “kill switch” for the mosquito in the lab, the producers of the mosquitoes scammed common core federally employed IDIOT “biologists” into allowing the mosquito to be released because the federal employees were too stupid to realize what antibiotics were derived from, and did not realize tetracycline would be in the dirt everywhere, that it would wash into all bodies of water, and that it would totally disable the reproductive “kill switch”. The designers of the mosquitoes knew this, there was no possible way for them to have been too stupid to know this.

Virtually all antibiotics are derived from natural sources that are prevalent in the wild. It is OK for average people to not know that, but for the biologist inspectors and others involved in the approval process, not knowing antibiotics are all over the place in the wild amounts to an epic common core fail, a pass given to absolute failures who did not know anything about their job beyond the paper training required to get out of school. The GMO scammers took advantage of that and released a probable monster.

The original report follows:


What good is a control mechanism for a mosquito, when the bacteria that produce the substance that de-activates it are common bacteria that live in the ground, you know, where all the puddles are that the mosquitoes grow in?

The GMO mosquitoes Brazil released right in the middle of the microcephaly zone (so there is an obvious link there) were all male mosquitoes that were “supposed to” produce a single generation of GMO offspring that had a biological kill switch that rendered them sterile, so they could not reproduce. However, as it turns out, the kill switch was specifically designed to be turned off if the mosquitoes, while in the larval stage were exposed to tetracycline, an antibiotic which is derived from the biological by products of very common soil bacteria that are so prevalent in soil that they are what makes dirt smell like dirt. The kill switch was designed to fail, you can’t tell me biological experts were so stupid they did not know this would happen.

Antibiotics work by interfering with the DNA of bacteria when they divide to make new bacteria. Antibiotics will also affect people to some degree, by interfering with cellular mitosis but the impact is not too much for people. So it makes perfect sense that a substance that interacts with DNA could turn a “kill switch” off.

The GMO mosquitoes survived in the wild. Some journalists are saying it is because tetracycline breaks down slowly in the wild, and it is so widely used in Brazil that it is everywhere in the environment now and an accident happened as a result all the while the probable real culprit was soil based bacteria that produce it all the time that any biologist would have known about. It would obviously be in all the puddles the mosquitoes lay their eggs in, puddles that sit right on the ground the bacteria that produce the genetic kill switch substance live in. The survival of the mosquito was intentional, NO IFS OR BUTS.

It is flatly impossible (as far as I see it) for the survival of the GMO mosquitoes to not have been planned. All that happened was someone said “Our mosquitoes have a biological kill switch, so they are safe to release”, then proved it in lab conditions specifically set up to prove a point, a bureaucrat rubber stamped it, and then an intentional release of a permanently surviving and probably seriously damaging mosquito was done. What’s worse? It is now proven that Zika is not causing microcephaly in Brazil, but it is happening where these mosquitoes were released. IF it is not the Tdap shot and it is instead these GMO mosquitoes carrying something other than Zika, I hate to say it – eventually the whole world will be screwed.

There is no way any biologist could have possibly overlooked the fact that the kill switch would not stand any chance of working in the wild, where the substance that deactivated it was prevalent everywhere naturally. Why did they allow a deactivation mechanism in the first place? The excuse in the lab was that it was used to make it possible for the mosquitoes to reproduce before they were released. But the choice of substances was, as far as I see it, an intentional act that would easily fool a common core educated bureaucrat, who would not realize (even if papered as a biologist with a stack 3 feet high) that the type of antibiotic used to make it possible for the mosquitoes to reproduce in the lab was everywhere naturally in the wild.

Source: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/wcit-hillary-just-busted-biggest-false.html

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