FBI investigator makes statement on Hillary’s email scandal

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


  1. Bottom line folks, Trump needs to get in there and we have to see to it he succeeds!!

    “But Trump isn’t that great a candidate. I don’t feel I can trust this.”
    Well guess what folks, you’re the ones who are registered voters. Trump may not be an ideal candidate but at least he’s a good candidate, something no one has had for a generation.


  2. “But Trump seems very loud…I don’t know what he can change.”
    Yep but guess what?!?? Trump will prosecute Clinton and Bush!! That’s a start, that and going after the Gore’s and other democrats will put the Federal Reserve into tatters!

    “I just don’t see the big picture here…He makes it so partisan.”
    Well guess what folks, it is partisan!! The Democratic Party and DNC are a hundred percent behind the New World Order agenda!

    Democrats run the scam with corporate welfare for the rich and social welfare for the poor. They have perfected it with the use of so many nasty, crooked former democrats like Colin Powell and Bill Frist that now there is total civil war all over.

    If the Democrats who created Bush, Albright, Johnson, Sanders, Clinton and the rest of the war criminals are not stopped….Then you and all of your futures are literally done for..

    Trump being one of us can slow them down and cancel NAFTA…They MUST be stopped and castrated or our world is toast. Israel will also be finished, which is why AIPAC has swung america’s way…

    He’s not ideal I hear you say. Well, you are a registered voter. What does that make you? Not ideal. As much as many of my friends are in support of Trump, they won’t register to be a voter. That is a slave designation and puts you on a destruction list, so instead they are just getting everyone who is one to vote!

    Listen up folks this war is real and Paul Ryan will be gone by the primaries. Some of these carpet baggers who have never been GOP will be gone, once they see opposing Clinton is mandatory!

Source: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/fbi-investigator-makes-statement-on.html?m=1

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