5G HAS BEEN MADE SAFE! It Will Now Feed 432Hz Healing Energy to our Cells!!


Imagine a world surrounded in 432hz. We would all vibrate with the healing energy directly to our cells. 432 Hz is able to filter and harmonise the 5G radiation coming out of the towers and make the energy beneficial to our cells!

The ventilators that Trump talks about manufacturing are actually the 432hz 5G boards that he is sending out to the world. We are seeing more and more of them being installed on the 5G towers here in Perth, Australia.

These harmonious sounds are starting to appear in the background around my house where the frequency patterns interact and become audible, instead of the high pitched ringing in the back of my ears.

This could bea physical component of the ascension process..


Image may contain: ‎text that says "‎Nisreen @Artemisness80 الشفاء وجدار TESLA أبراج 5G أبراج تحويل تم 2019 عام منذ Tesla أبراج هرتز 432 تردد إلى الأمريكية .Healing تذكر للأمام. بخطوة متقدم ترامب الأمن وكالة ولديه 5D شطرنج لاعب أنه بالمعلومات. باستمرار تغذيه القومي Translated from Arabic by Google TESLA Wall Towers Since 2019 American 5G Towers has been converted to 432 Hz Tesla Healing Towers. Trump is always step ahead remember he is a 5D chess player he has the NSA is constantly fed with information. 11: Twitter for ikes‎"‎

17 thoughts on “5G HAS BEEN MADE SAFE! It Will Now Feed 432Hz Healing Energy to our Cells!!”

  1. I would like to see proof that 5G is safe and not just by saying it. I want scientific proof. Just because maybe Trump said it was means nothing.


  2. You don’t actually provide any evidence of how 432hz will perform as 3.6Ghz. If 432hz is being employed why the continued expenditure of arrays that enable 3.6Ghz? 5g is an abomination being forced upon us yet trusting that 5g arrays are emitting 432hz in absence of open, scientific proof is rather foolish.


      CoVFeFe are chemical symbols for Cobalt, Vanadiam, Iron Iron. Looking it up I found…

      About Iron Cobalt Vanadium Alloy Iron-Cobalt-Vanadium is a soft magnetic alloy with the highest flux density of any strip core alloy, making it ideal for use in tape cores and magnetic cores in electrical equipment.

      What is power flux density. It means it can handle power-throughput… that is was flux means– passage. So power PASSAGE density ability is very high. It won’t melt or heat up easy under high power measured in watts. According to a source here… https://johnbwellsnews.com/iron-cobalt-vanadium-alloy/ … it stops the 5G 60Hz signal from affecting oxygen… but I can’t imagine how yet.


  3. Hi! Hope and pray that Q will succeed today the 7.22 date for his big reveal after at least 3 can elkations due to security concerns.


  4. I have spent the last 45 years of my life studying God’s “Universal Genetic Code” (His “Genetic, Cosmic Secret of Life!” – of Immortality! – of His Divine & Immortal Soul! – of All Infinity! – of His Holy & Infinite Universe!) Now, although I understand, of course, that no-one else out there has ANY IDEA what I am talking about! – the nearest thing I can relate all of this to is God’s Great “Bible Code,” which was revealed to the world in 1997 by American reporter Michael Drosnin. For, just as God’s Great “Bible Code” revealed that All Mankind’s History was “Coded” by our Creator, His “Universal Genetic Code” reveals that All Our Universe’s History was also “Coded” by God’s Own Personal Genetic Code! Because the Universe is God’s Great BODY of EVIDENCE! – His Genetic, Cosmic PROOF! or BLUE-PRINT!… But please! do not even TRY to figure this all out! – as, unless you have a good 5 years at your disposal, you simply won’t be able to! The only reason I am speaking of it all at this time, is, simply, to give some background about myself, because I believe that if Trump manages to “pull off this “Q” Miracle” to stop the utterly EVIL “Illuminati” or “Deep State” agenda “in it’s tracks,” – that, since our very outset, has always plagued us! – & held us all back! – the “Great Enlightenment” that will all follow this “Great Awakening” will be SO, UTTERLY, GLORIOUS! – when ALL MANKIND IS, – FINALLY! – AT LAST! – FREE! – FROM THE CENTURIES OLD SHACKLES OF IT’S ANCIENT OPPRESSOR! – to, SPIRITUALLY, EVOLVE! – &, E-X-P-A-N-D! – &, G-R-O-W! – INTO THE GLORIOUS! REALIZED! BEING! – THAT GOD, ORIGINALLY, INTENDED! – & CREATED! – HIM TO BECOME! – IN GOD’S OWN! GLORIOUS! IMAGE!… The very last thought I’d like to leave you with before I send my finest wishes for you to continue on your “perilous” journey through such troubled times as we all now find ourselves living in, is that I, personally, believe that the “CORONA VIRUS” is, more than anything else, a “PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION” or “HOAX,” in that it is little more “virulent” than a normal flu, but is being “demonised” – & USED, by the Dark forces that rule this world, as “BAIT” to force us all into accepting their “GENETICALLY MANIPULATED” “Corona Virus” “VACCINE” – that, FAR from “immunising” us against a, virtually, harmless Virus, will, PERMANENTLY, ALTER our DNA, with their “MARK OF THE BEAST” or “A.I.” (“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,”) that has been GENETICALLY ENGINEERED to make us all BECOME JUST LIKE THEM! – HALF DEMON – HALF HUMAN MACHINE! – a “DEMON-HUMAN-MACHINE!” or “BEAST!” – in order to TOTALLY CONTROL & ENSLAVE US ALL TO “SERVE” THEM IN THEIR NEW WORLD! / NEW WORLD ORDER! However, of course, NONE OF US WANT THIS! – & since I imagine that MOST OF US would consider this UTTERLY HORRIFIC state of affairs to be just about the MOST CATASTROPHIC EVENT THAT COULD EVER COME TO PASS???!!!… Thus, for this Great & Godly Purpose, I finally say my goodbye with God’s Own Words from His Great “Bible Code…” Whenever something utterly catastrophic is coded, to warn us of it’s impending disaster, the words “WILL YOU CHANGE IT?” is always encoded along with it in the prophetic text,… – ASKING us? – CHALLENGING us? – INSPIRING us?! – LETTING US ALL KNOW THAT WE CAN! – INDEED! CHANGE IT! – FOR WE ARE ALL! GOD’S GREAT! – &, GLORIOUS! “BIG B-A-N-G!” – E-X-P-L-O-D-I-N-G INTO LIFE! – &, – JOYOUSLY! – GLORIOUSLY! LIVING! – “BIG CRUNch!” – IMPLODING! – &, LABORIOUSLY! DYING! – “BIG B-A-N-G!” – E-X-P-L-O-D-I-N-G! – RIGHT BACK! – INTO NEW LIFE! – &, JOYOUSLY! – GLORIOUSLY! – VICTORIOUSLY! – EUPHORIOUSLY! RESURRECTING! SUPER-S+AR-SEED SONS! / SUNS! – ALL! – FEARFULLY! – &, GLORIOUSLY! MADE! – IN HIS OWN! – GREAT! – &, GLORIOUS IMAGE! – OR IMAGE OF CHRIST! – &, ALL! – FEARFULLY! – &, GLORIOUSLY! INFUSED! – WITH HIS OWN! – GREAT! – &, GLORIOUS! HOLY SPIRIT! – OR BREATH OF LIFE!

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    1. I hope you are right. I do believe we are so close to Christs second coming which says the earth will be wiped clean from all wickedness.


    2. Would have been more understandable/appreciated/received to the lay person if you’d left out all the non essential verbs. Well and words. Too many words too many run ons. Way too many. Your message is just lost all up in all these words.
      u lost the majority of ur much needed audience at the third glorious.
      How about are rewrite… Or someone abridge this so it can be read and understood by all. Not everyone understands we all have freedom of choice that is God given (every second of) Every minute is changeable
      By us.


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