DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Riots Every Where But Life Must Go On

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Riots everywhere mom and I’m hungry!!!!

Video: Riots Everywhere And Billy Needs A Snack – YouTube

Sounds like the late 70’s and early 80’s again, right???

In this video we make fun of the fact that “”Billy Wants A Snack””

In reality – as things begin to unwind you need to not only be prepared but try and make life go on as normal as possible

Your home becomes your sanctuary.

We actually supplement Food For Liberty with Thrive Life, and vice a versa

Each company has it’s good points

Two sources of food made Out of town (delivered to your Fortn Door) will become very, very  important in the coming months – especially when the food we use is less expansive by over 30-50% (On Sale) over Safeway.

remember – we publish the Thrive Life Sale monthly so YOU pay what we pay for the food

The high nutrition content of both Food For Liberty and Thrive makes this possible

The ability to have Pre-Made healthy meals will be very important in the coming months

We have fun but this s a very serious message

Time is short – look around

Be ready folks….

The News You need

Dr William B. Mount

Jane Mecklenburg – Thrive Life Consultant


Nancy Gagnier – Thrive Life Consultant

Fatima Foods – Chris really knows allot about the special requirements needed for almost all religious holidays AND if you are Jewish or Muslim very few foods are made with Pork or Shellfish – forbidden in the Old Testament.


Three other ingrediante we find essential to stay healthy:

1) Immusist

IMMUSIST – Assist Your Immune System Today!

2) Cutricare


3 Sea Weed

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Sustainably Harvested and Certified Organic

Iodine will kill you unless taken with a Centrum Silver vitamin. We just eat Sea Weed now – about 1 tablespoon a day of their Triple Flake. We put it in Every Thing….

Even Billy’s Snacks…..

You are the smartest most active audience in the world. Thank you for participating with us in this adventure.

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Riots Every Where But Life Must Go On

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