Kp Message 7-21-16… “Blocked” | Kauilapele’s Blog

You know, I am now in a state (perhaps only for a short time) where parts of me feel sort of, blocked. The blogging deal comes more in spurts… occasionally posting a lot, then there’s phases (like now) when it seems only one or two things are “postable”… by me, at least.

I am viewing things like the whole Turkey deal, which just is so involved there’s no way I’m going to figure that one out. And there’s the “Trump and Hillary” things (and Bernie, and now Jill Stein of the Green Party), which I have no “pull” towards. And all the stuff going on behind the scenes regarding the Kingdom of Hawai’i… yes there is stuff going on… also has not a very strong “pull” on my being.

Very flat, it feels. Enthusiasm for anything is missing.

So whatever this all means, I have no idea. But almost for sure, others are in this place.

Honestly, I’m waiting for waves… big waves… and I want to ride them.

So we’ll see.

Aloha, Kp

Source: Kp Message 7-21-16… “Blocked” | Kauilapele’s Blog

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