DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Crisis Actors Need, Pay $1,000/Day +

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Video: Crisis Actors Needed – $1,000/Day+ – YouTube

The Sunday Montage

Crisis Actors are in High Demand

Pay is commensurate with performance

Free Medical for families

Employee 401K available for retirement

All races and all ages are needed, both men and women

Willing to travel and work with others

Ample vacations

Extra time will be given when traveling abroad to see the world

Passport will be issued upon hiring but employment may begin sooner if you already have one

Pay starts at $1,000 a day plus meals and hotel rooms, 100% Medical and Dental and 401Ks


Pay will be given to banks outside your country so Income Taxes will not need to be paid – we have accountants to deal with your taxes.

1) Must be a Canadian Citizen

2) Must have a clean Record

3) Drug screening will be conducted before hiring and periodically throughout employment. Considerations will be made if Drug Use if required while on the job.

Companies Hiring:

a) E9corporation –
….. 571-451-0857
…..6551 Loisdale Court
…..Suite 530, Sprigfield, Va 22150

b) Crisiscast
…..+44 (0) 1424 870380
…..20-22 Wenlock Road
…..London N1 7gu
…..VAT No. 177046104

Crisis Cast in London will hire Americans – but again you need a Clean Criminal Back Round Check.

Please pray that this all falls apart

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

And then there is the Seres Agenda, and the Growing Pyramids all over the Solar System, even here on Earth



Crisis Management Roleplay Actors and Film Makers – CrisisCast CrisisCast

Verifying Article:


Main News Sites:

Top 15 Most Popular News Websites | July 2016

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Sandy Hook: The curious case of Emilie Parker | Fellowship of the Minds

Obama with Dead Sandy Hook Actor AFTER Sandy Hook Incident

Obama plays with “DEAD Emilie?????

Obama with Sandy Hook kids

Emilie Parker’s Fake Family::: Note — Children have NO legs and both children in hte middle are giving the Satanic Symbol with their fingers… a BAD Photo Shop picture

Parker family pic

Parker family hands

Amazing Photo —–

Another Incredible Photo:

Another Incredible Photo:

Crisis Actor Muslim

I watch you

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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Crisis Actors Need, Pay $1,000/Day +


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