Monday, July 25, 2016

Video: German Plans to Invade Russia While DNC Wnwinds – YouTube

This is correct – and allot to swallow this morning

German plans to Invade Russia in August were leaked last month to the Russia Security Services and the Russian Leadership is very upset

After World War 2 the US President signed into law the Marshall Plan. This plan was to use US Tax Payer’s Dollars to rebuild Europe after the war.

John Kerry #1 – US Secretary of State – stated about a year ago that the US Marshal Plan is still paying huge amounts to Germany – the Marshal Plan was never ended for Germany – this is why their economy was booming while every other economy was stagnant we did a video on it.

This made ALL German banks subservient to the United States Corporation and they have dumped $Trillions of Dollars of Worthless “Hedge Funds”  into German Banks – like Deutsche Bank

So – Angela Merkel (Adolf Hitler’s Daughter and Half Sister to Hillary) she has built Germany up to the point where many of their banks are Underwater – severely underwater.

The apple does not fall from the tree

So  – here is the Timeline – roughly –

1)… July – Kill Putin and Medvedev – Oops, the US Embassy missed.

2)… 3 August – an incident in Russia using Crisis Actors (Red Cross Employees) the Director has a “D” Passport – near Smolensk will be hatched and a back up near what is called Vawkavysk will be launched  and Poland will respond to rescue “Polish People” by sending in troops to stabilize the situation.

3) … 18/19  August – Full Invasion with forces from the Unholy Alliance: Irish, French, UK, US, Yugoslavia, … — the old “I… F…. U.K….US. You”


a) Take St Petersburg and destroy the Hemitage and all documents clearly stating Rome is subservient to Russia

b) Turkey is supposed to seize Dagastan and Chetznia form Russia

c) Simultaneous invasion ot North Eastern Russia and Vladivastok buy the Japanese.

d) China will be kept busty with South East Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia, etc

e) Siberian Region will shift to the US as Russian Funds to support this region are cut to nothing – Computer Hacking.

All to cover the Collapse of the Economy caused by US Taxes imposed World Wide

Putin refused to do as GOD asked – now Russia is in big trouble and may now fall rather than leading the world into the New Peaceful Age of Planet Earth

Putin – Medvedev – Sergio – do you not think it time yet to do as GOD has asked???

Please pray that Russia does as GOD has asked… GOD can stop this war if we ask….

This is the Story that has been covered up for over a month while the DNC puts on a show

Now – onto the DNC

What a show

My experience 20 years ago at the conventions:

Last night protesters for Bernie showed up at the DNC in Philly In Mass – despite the 100 Degree Weather and 60% humidity – horrible weather.

Most of Bernie’s Supporters do not sleep in hotels – so the streets must stink by now.

This morning Debbie Wasserman Schultz – at a Democratic Breakfast in Florida –  before they all headed off to the DNC in Philly.

Debbie was the Chairman of the Democratic Party’s Governing Organization.

She then quit and Hillary hired her – using funds from the Clinton Foundation – and made her honorary Chairman of her campaign

Please keep in mind that  Hillary Emails clearly state that the Hillary Team rigged all the polls to kick Bernie out of the running and them paid off the super Delegates to win their vote.

Another thing to keep in mind is that President Putin just released ALL of Hillary’s Emails and they clearly state

…a…Hillary orchestrated the Ukraine Coup, murdering Millions of people

…b… after election she plans to implement US CONPLAN 8010-12 and call for a full scale Nuclear Strike – as we have already shown on this You Tube Channel

…c… She is responsible for funding ISIS through the White House

…d… She helped crash the US Economy

The list goes on and on — is it any wonder when is having Convulsions in public????

Pray that Hillary and her entire staff turn back to the Living GOD.

Please keep in mind that:

When Donald has a rally 40,000 people show up

When Bernie has a rally 10,000 people show up

When Hillary has a rally 6 people show up

OK – Enough Info — YOUR prayers make the difference

To the smartest, most engaged – and one of the largest – audiences in the world keep on praying.

YOU make the difference

Dr William B. Mount
Then there are the Glowing  Pyramids across our Solar System and the SERES Agenda… it is all inter connected

Germany Preparing for War Against Russia

Hitler’s Daughter, head of the STAZI party in Germany – the Old NAZI party

Germany Preparing for War Against Russia

Merkel – Half sister of Hillary???

Image result for hillary smiling


Paul Craig Roberts – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paul Craig Roberts – Official Homepage

Putin Orders “Full Defense” Of Trump, Authorizes All Hillary Clinton Emails Released

Thousands of Pro-Sanders, Anti-Fracking Marchers Hit Streets – ABC News

Paul Craig Roberts Warns “Armageddon Approaches” After German Leak | Zero Hedge

Debbie Wasserman Schultz booed off stage at Florida delegate meeting — RT America

Booed Off Stage:

© LesGrossman2015

Extreme heat doesn’t deter protesters in Philly ahead of DNC – CBS News

Again – pray that those on top turn towards the Living GOD immediately.

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