DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Munich Shooting Fake, Hillary Has Seizures

Saturday, July 23, 2016



Video: Munich Fake Shooting , Hillary Has Seizures – YouTube

The New World Order is getting sloppier and sloppier

Aren’t you getting tired of the New World Order’s attempt to harass us????

Pray they stop — and watch GOD act…

They must be getting desperate???

What we see on the From Cover of the Wall Street Journal on this FAKE Shooting is:

“Police “Crisis Actors” assaulting an “Active Terrorist”

1. Wearing Safety Vests, not Bullet Proof Vests

2. A “Clump” of actors, many with their hands up

3. Please note that there is a break in the crowd – like it is all staged

4. The “Police” seem to be holding .22 Caliber Machine Guns?

5. The “Police” are wearing Pistols with no extra clips

6. One of the “Police Officers” is wearing shorts when it was raining – not part of their official uniform ?
So here is how to spot a False Flag:

A… Immediate National Coverage

B….Continued Coverage – over and over and over

C…. The coverage continues until another “Crisis”

D….. Incident Inspires Intense Emotions

E….. Initial media stories conflict with the Official Story
F….. No Dead Bodies

G…..Photos from somewhere else

H…..Celebrities pre-recorded  and used to influence people

I…..Mainstream Media uses it to Manipulate YOU

J…..Federal Government Attention

K…..If the shooter then shoots himself then he was trained under Project Monarch and is usually chipped 0- usually in the Underground Base just East of Vancouver, Canada.

L…..They are hiding a more important story – but what?

Finally – what they are hiding from you is that Hillary is now having Uncontrollable Seizures and Convulsions

Story: Hillary Clinton Has Seizures and Convulsions

Her brain is collapsing – it has a lot holes in it like severe Alzheimer’s and she is held up using massive amounts of drugs

Also – the Emails released by Wikileaks.com confirms Democrats rigged the primaries and reveals extensive media collusion – kicking Berni out of the Primaries

Pray that Hillary turns towards GOD immediately

Hillary – if you come we can fix you so you have no more seizures – that is what GOD would want – we can repair your Alzheimers.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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Fake Pictures::

These Photos From The Munich Shootings Are Totally Fake – BuzzFeed News

Munich Police Uniform:

Police Assault Shooter At Mall In Safety Vests???

How To Spot A False Flag:

Chipped Individual trained by the NSA…

More pictures of “Cops” in safety vests and carrying “Machine Guns”.

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Munich Shooting Fake, Hillary Has Seizures


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