DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Disses Cruz And Smokin Chili

Friday, July 22, 2016

Video: Trump Disses Cruz And Spicy Hot Chili – YouTube

Today Donald Trump stated in a speech that he Likes Ted Cruz  personally but he does not need his endorsement nor would he accept it.

He never actually criticized Cruz but he spoke the Truth, stating that Cruz’s Endorsement was meaningless – he will never win anyway.

So we decided to cook some Express Meals form Thrive

The Beef Stew we ate yesterday so today we decided to cook the New Chili – and it was Hot and Spicy.

So we took what is left that we did not eat on the video, added some rice and milk, and re-cooked it.

So when you order Chili of any kind please be aware that it maybe very spicy hot.

This is why we do the videos.

If “Poop” hit the fan you want to know how to cook this food BEFORE the Emergency arises

Do not get caught with your pants down

Plus – since we eat it daily we show just how to S T R E T C H  your food budget to eat very good tasting, nutritious meals without spending allot of money.

We work with both Food For Liberty and Thrive Life Foods because they are both VERY high quality Non-GMO goods and by doing  things we save allot of money

So eat well, get healthy, and Pray your family can afford to cut food costs and have fun cooking with almost Fat Free food.

To Order The Food:

Jane Mecklenburg – Thrive Life Consultant

Order food and call someone who knows the dietary requirement for most churches like the Catholics, Lutherans, Jewish…

Nancy Gagnier – Thrive Life Consultant

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Please BE READY folks . be ready…..

Trump puts Cruz in his place….

Trump says he doesn’t want and wouldn’t accept Ted Cruz’s endorsement – LA Times

Ted Cruz Wining:

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Disses Cruz And Smokin Chili


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