DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Cuss And Discuss – Intel Report – 7.22.16

Friday, July 22, 2016

Video: Cuss And Discuss – Intel Report – 7.22.16 – YouTube

Here we sit down and spend about 15 minutes discussing the news that is important to you.

1ST – Republican National Convention

a. Naked Women
b. Paid Protesters Burning an flag Authorized by the Governor
c. WIFI Unsecured
d. Now we have Alex Jones crashing the Young Turks TV Show – a “Media Stunt” to get Alex more viewers — It was all pre-planned and a set-up, staged.

You wonder what is going to happen at the “Democratic Socialist” National Convention next week?

Already Pennsylvania has Crisis Actors On Staff through a Private Contractor – so – we shall see what happens in Philly

Re-occurring Themes in this whole thing

It’s all staged – made up – it’s theater


2nd – Intel Report

1. Hillary had a  Temper Tantrum over Trump being made the Republican Candidate – she is one vile person – so pray she repents

2. Governor Kasich of Ohio is literally going MAD – like the Mad Hatter – and will now have to be contained by his handlers. When it was revealed he authorized the burning of a flag he lost it – yet HIS signature is on the National Guard Budget which paid for it – BUSTED

3. US Fleet is headed to Turkey to lend assistance to Erdogen not to attack Turkey

4. 25 Ships left Turkey for other Nations (Like Greece) because the crew was afraid of the Marshal Law President Erdogen has now initiated in Turkey

5. Large meteor to strike Earth w/in the month – we think in Siberia

6. Another attempt on Putin w/in a Fort Night by American Forces tied to the American Red Cross and the UN in Moscow – after that the Red Cross in Russia and American Embassy will be  on Lock Down and Russia will begin to Harass them relentlessly with:
…..Frequencies to Go Mad
…..Crazy Powder – like Powdered LSD

7. The US is loosing control of the  Middle East and Europe and the US MUST topple Russia and it’s allies to regain control

8. Huge US Arms Sales to Poland, Belarus, Ukraine (On Russian Boarder) and Saudi Arabia so expect “Terrorist Attacks” in these regions.

9. Those working for Hillary – her “Hit Men” cannot be paid as the Clinton Foundation has had it’s funds suspended for several months now and she does not know how to pay her “Super Delegates” off to win the Nomination.

The FBI Investigation of Hillary left thousands of FBI Agents very angry she was not arrested for Murder and Treason –

The New Emails from Wikileaks.com by Hillary were released today clearly showing her Treason and  her desire for a Huge Nuclear War

9. Russia will have Feet Problems in the North Pole

This may be evidenced by the recent attack by Vimana Ships in Kyrgyzstan

Vimana because the ships go: Vrim Vrim

See Sorcha Today about a missing Indian Jet Liner caught by several Vimana Craft
Finally – so that YOU know GOD is still in charge and I am a messenger – again GOD will change the SUN – it will begin “Spitting” at the Earth. So HE has said it – so it shall be

NASA will not be able to hide this so they might as well tell the truth or GOD will destroy their budget very quickly – go ahead NASA – Test GOD.

Please be ready and pray for your own family.

We are all in this together and need to work as one unified planet to save this old Earth

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be ready Folks

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Dead US Soldiers removing a VIMANA craft:

The Sun Now – Pray NASA stops painting out the real pictures.


Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Cuss And Discuss – Intel Report – 7.22.16


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