DR WILLIAM MOUNT: March Towards War As DNC Provides Comedy Releif

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Video: March Towards War As DNC Provides Comedy Relief – YouTube

…..A) The World is marching towards war, led by the US Military

The war must begin by 1 October 2016 or all is lost – this the  last day of the Year of Jubilee and there is no sign in sight that the Bankers that run the world will cancel anyone’s debts.

Their solution is to start a full scale Nuclear War, kill off 7 Billion People, and start all over again.

The rest of the world is Furious, but not furious enough to do as GOD has directed so they get what they deserve.

In Russia the leadership has ceased to negotiate with either English or US Political Leaders and they are preparing for war – this time for real. Those German Invasion Plans were real enough and we warned them about these plans back in March here on the Videos.

Now it has gone public…..

As for the US Staged Coup in Turkey run out of the US Embassy in Ankara Turkey, there were two developments that have recently occurred

…1) The Power has been turned on at Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey and all 266 Nukes are still secure – 90 of them are Hydrogen Bombs

Why is the US Storing Hydrogen Bombs in Turkey in the first place???

…2) A Turkish Newspaper publicly named US General John F Campbell as the leader of the Coup.
…..B) Economy

1)  The European Bank Deutsche Bank is closing 188 Branches in Germany and preparing to close all together. The US force them to buy Hedge Funds made up of derivatives and they are absolutely worthless. When they begin to close it may signal the collapse of the Euro.

They were warned and now it is GOD’s turn.

2) England – which voted to leave the EU, will not be allowed to leave according to their New Prime Minister Teresa May. She is Miss Grouch.

3) The DNC Comedy – the Lawless Party of Communists – provides comedy relieve

Yesterday it appeared as if every one appearing on stage who supported Hillary was booed, even Bernie was booed when he told his supporters to Support Hillary.

So Hillary erected a 4 mile perimeter Fence 8 feet high around the DNC and her staff is only allowing Pre-Hillary Delegates into the DNC Conference by using State’s Alternate Delegates.

Michelle (Mike)  Obama was brought in to CALM the people down last night.

In the mean time President Putin released thousands of Emails a few days ago clearly showing Hillary is guilty of Treason and Murder and desires to start World War 3 immediately.

Just go to Wikileaks.com

In October President Putin plans on releasing all 30,000 Emails that the Worthless Wonder Boys of the FBI stated they could not find.

…..C) DNC – is it all a set up to distract us???

Why do the Pictures of the DNC show rain but it is 95* today and no rain until Thursday?????

Is this entire DNC a staged event to keep our eyes off of the Economic Collapse and are the people really angry????


To the smartest, most engaged audience in the world – YOU make the difference

Please pray that Hillary and her handlers turn towards the living GOD immediately.

Pray GOD shows you and your family how to prepare for what is coming….


The News You Need

Dr William B.  Mount

Love you folks and thank you for watching.

This is YOUR Video Channel as about ½ of the stories come from YOU, the Viewers.
News Stories:

Running ‘Cause I Can’t Fly: The Economy: “Derivatives Contracts “Not worth the paper they’re written on” as Struggling Deutsche Bank Closes Nearly 200 Branches”

Turkish Newspaper Publicly Accuses NAMED U.S. Military Commander as “The man behind the failed Coup”

Putin Orders “Full Defense” Of Trump, Authorizes All Hillary Clinton Emails Released

The Real Michelle Obama – A liar……………..and a Man…..

Citations and heat injuries as DNC protests continue

Rain in Philly – look at the weather report – we are being lied to at ALL levels ..

It is all theater – lies to confuse the public

Russian War Prep…

Together against NATO: Russia moves forces to Belarusian-Ukrainian border – Fort Russ

The different Bernies???


Image result for bernie sanders

Image result for bernie sanders

Image result for bernie sanders

Image result for bernie sanders


Image result for bernie sanders


Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: March Towards War As DNC Provides Comedy Releif

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