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Cosmic Disclosure: William Tompkins Bio

Season 5, Episode 11

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David Wilcock: I’m glad you’re here for this one, because this is going to blow your mind. You’re about to see a biographical sketch of William Tompkins, an aerospace engineer, who has come forward as an insider with exclusive knowledge in a wide variety of aspects, specific data points related to the Secret Space Program that we have been disclosing in the show that I have here with Corey Goode.

I want you to see this now and get into the details of all the amazing intricacies of William Tompkins’ illustrious career. Check it out.

Narrated by William Tompkins:

I had, for whatever reason, been interested when I was a kid, nine years old, in building Navy ship models.

1 Young Bill Holding Model

To get more information, I’d go to the library and I’d try to find what you could get on the library, and then there’s be news broadcasts about different Navy ships sometimes.

My dad though took my brother and I, older – he’s older than I am – down to Long Beach. We were living in Hollywood.

2 Hollywood Sign

3 Long Beach

And he would take us down to Long Beach on the weekends, where in the early ’30s there, the Navy was concerned about what the Japanese were doing in China.

4 Japanese In China

They decided to move the Eastern Navy to the West Coast, but they didn’t have a harbor.

6 Naval Harbor

So they had to wait for the construction of a breakwater right off of Long Beach.

7 Crane

And this breakwater then was large enough to actually handle both the Eastern Navy and the Pacific Fleet.

9 Wide View Of Long Beach Breakwater

So this was all new to everybody when these ships came in. And to me it was wonderful, because I could go down to the bay and I could . . . You can’t use cameras, but I could sketch all the radar and the classified stuff, because the ships are only 10 or 12 blocks off of Long Beach.

10 Sketch Of Ship

11 Aerial View Of Breakwater

So then on weekends, the Navy allowed people to come on board and just walk around on the ships. So my dad took my brother and I down there.

And I was really interested in the aircraft carrier. We had two of them at that time, and the “Lexington” and the “Saratoga” were both right there.

12 Lexington Aircraft Carrier

13 Saratoga Aircraft Carrier

That great big enormous aircraft carrier, 1,000 feet long – crazy – stood up like 11 stories high.

14 Aircraft Carrier In Drydock

And when you get up inside, it’s a big enormous hangar, and you wouldn’t believe the size of it.

But the whole thing looked to me like it was a space vehicle that somebody had built. That’s the way I saw it. So I needed help for building the “Lexington” aircraft carrier.

So I needed the radar. I needed a lot of other details of the five-inch guns, 20 millimeter, 40 millimeter, where all this stuff was, because, remember, at that time they were refitting every ship, almost, for battle conditions with the latest equipment that they could come up with.

18 40mm Guns B

19 Refitting Ship

To get the radar, I would walk the flight deck and way up there on top of the tower next to the control center, there would be a shadow that would come down, and this shadow then gave me the opportunity to walk two ways of it, another two ways, and mark it down.

And I could figure basically the shape and the size. And I was really good on being able mathematically to come up with what it was.

21 Close Up Of Bow Of The Ship

So then I would walk up to the bow of the aircraft carrier, and they had these secret steam catapults to catapult the aircraft off so they could get them in the air faster.

22 Steam Catapults

Of course, it was classified, but I just walked around, and I got all my numbers and came back. And on the way home, while dad’s driving us back to Hollywood, I would start making my perspective sketches…

Full report below…

Source: Cosmic Disclosure: William Tompkins Bio – Sphere-Being Alliance


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