“Planetary Shift IN, nwo OUT”, 2 of 2… Russia/Iran/China: Changing things in the Middle East (or, “It’s time to slap New World Order agents in their faces”) | Kauilapele’s Blog

Please note that “nwo” is not capitalized, as most articles do, since, in my view, they are “on the outs”, and do not rate any capitalizations.

Three articles are summarized here, the first from Lada Ray, the next two from VT’s Jim Dean and Jonas Alexis.

Title and link with a few highlights from each.

THE SHIFT: China in Syria; Iran Hosts Russia at Hamadan Base; Iraq Opens Skies to Russian Bombers (Futurist Trendcast, 8-15-16)

“BREAKING NEWS! Iraq announced that it has opened free passage through its airspace for strategic Russian bombers flying to bomb Daesh terrorists in Syria. I’ve just heard this and decided to share a few of my initial thoughts. Just a day prior, Iran announced that it now hosts Russian troops at Hamadan Base.

“So, a true coalition to deal with ISIL is finally being formed by Russia? Shouldn’t US rejoice Russia is finally doing what USA’s fake 40+ country coalition was ‘unable’ to accomplish for two years? US called the whole thing’ unfortunate.’ Another sign, as pointed out in ESR13: ERDOGAN’S WAR that US Empire is starkly out of options in the Middle East

“The side benefit of mega-proportions Iran gets from hosting Russian base is that now Iran is 100% protected from any possible aggression by US and/or Israel. Obviously such Russian operation on its territory requires Russia’s cutting-edge full-scale surveillance and protections in place.”

The Times They are a Changin – in the Mid East (Jim Dean VT, 8-18-16)

[JD] “We are seeing a carefully rolled out and shepherded presentation of the “process” involved in Turkey’s geopolitical realignment. Nothing is promised or hyped, just the stating of intentions to work on finding a solution… Who would have believed we would have seen the broad shift we are seeing now as a result of the Turkish coup, when whoever was behind it internationally has not been fingered yet, with public proof?

[article] ““We have started to work in detail and thoughtfully on the Syrian issue with the Turkish side. We consider this work to be constructive and positive,” said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova at a press conference in Moscow on Thursday.”

Russia, Iran and China: It’s time to slap New World Order agents in their faces (Jonas Alexis VT, 8-18-16)

“New World Order agents have recently received another major defeat when it was reported that Russia “deployed its bombers to the Hamadan airfield in Iran to enhance its offensive capabilities against Daesh, Al-Nusra Front and other radical groups wreaking havoc in Syria. The West was not happy with the news.”

“One also needs to give credit to Russia and Iran, despite the fact that they are really outnumbered in America. For example, when was the last time that Hollywood made a single movie that did put Iran and Russia in their proper place?

“We… have good reason to believe that countries like Russia, China, and Iran are doing a good thing when they resist the New World Order ideology in places like Syria. It shows that people are getting tired of political Satanism. It shows that countries are waking up.”

Source: “Planetary Shift IN, nwo OUT”, 2 of 2… Russia/Iran/China: Changing things in the Middle East (or, “It’s time to slap New World Order agents in their faces”) | Kauilapele’s Blog


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