Lada Ray 9-16-16 Interview by James Bartley: “Russia The Great Balancer & Earth Shift” (#Hillaryshealth)

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I’ve just learned about this from a Lada email, and see that she has also posted it here on her blog. The video as I’ve posted it above, starts at 1:15, where the interview starts (the preceding 1:15 is an intro to James show, but the intro volume is so much louder than the interview volume, I thought I’d link to the interview start).

Russia The Great Balancer & Earth Shift” (#Hillaryshealth)

On September 16, James Bartley, host of  The Cosmic Switchboard Show, and I had a fantastic interview about: USA, unipolar vs. multipolar world, #NWO and its end, Yugoslavia bombings, Putin and Russia’s turnaround, Ukraine, #Hillaryshealth, #EarthShift and Russia as The Great Balancer, consciousness and multidimensional universe.


  1. Russia – The Great Balancer and Stabilizer
  2. USA/West – The Great Agitator, Aggressor and Energizer
  3. Matriarchy vs. patriarchy; women vs. men; East vs. West. How our polarized yin-yang…

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