DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Stuff Happens In Life, Stand Up, Take Notice And Live Well

Friday, September 16, 2016

While floods are pummeling Florida we tried cooking with Thrive and everything we cook just comes out better.

Video: Storms Pummeling Florida, Thrive Makes Everything OK – YouTube

It is about not worrying about what is on the news but what is going on in your home

This is why we do these cooking shows

Stop worrying about what is going on out there

who cares who murdered someone in a city 8,000 miles away

Who cares about the paid shooters in another nation

When you get home form work settle down and enjoy life and pray about what is important to YOU and pray that you r family can ride what is coming.

That is what this cooking channel is about  – to show you how to be ready for any disaster these FASCISTS can throw at YOU.

We set up a Q and Joined Thrive Life to be ready – to learn how to eat well during any disaster – and to have our food delivered via UPS instead of having to go to the Grocery Store to get it.

We want YOU to be ready for any disaster.

On our regular channel our producer and we support Food For Liberty – which comes form Montana VIA Fed Ex…

On our cooking channel we talk about Thrive Life – which comes from Utah VIA UPS

So there are 2 different places to get food from.

Be Ready folks – Please – if you do nothing else ask GOD what YOU should do –

Look into the eyes of your kids and ask GOD: How Can I Be Ready For Any Disaster – Earthquake, Power Outage, Water Cut Off

Our NEW Maytag Refrigerator broker this week- no Refrigeration for  8 days until the parts come in.

We are eating Food For Liberty Main Meals Gluten Free and spicing them up with Thrive Live Foods and the Gethtetea.com Life Change Tea is our morning tea.

So life remains very good despite no refrigeration.

So Pray for your families folks

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Stuff Happens In Life, Stand Up, Take Notice And Live Well

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