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Hillary, Hillary, Hillary

It seems like the entire news media is focused on:

Her Collapse

Her Fraud with her Foundation

Her Seizures

Her Anti-seizure Glasses

Hillary, Hillary. Hillary – Aren’t you tired of hearing about her?

Yet if we print anything else it is blocked.

All other news is being blocked by Google, Before Its News, etc.

Suppressed – blocked form you being able to even get to the story

So what does that tell you?

They are directing your thoughts, and they have been for a long time

The only thing that will change when the Internet Admin moves to a Corporation owned by the UN is that other nations may start their own internet.

At Stanford, for example,  they now have a Monkey typing 12 words a minute with no errors –

The story about VP Joe Biden, whom the DNC has chosen to replace Hillary as the Presidential Candidate, was caught on camera last year propositioning a 13 year old girl.

Yet when we print this the story is suppressed.

In the mean time

All over the world things other than US politics should be coming to light:

1) Hundreds of thousands of people are now rallying in Catalonia Spain to get out of both Spain and the Euro Nations

2) Russians are bombing the heck out of towns all over Syria that have US Backed Rebels in them. The Death Toll is huge

3) Venezuela is now sending troops to the boarders to control food imports and fingerprint printing people to prevent them from buying too much food

How dare they smuggle food into Venezuela, right????

How dare they want to eat, right???

A sign of things to come in Europe and America?

Democratic Socialism at it’s finest

4) A story broke exposing the FBI Director James Comey as being on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation – the very institution he was investigating. Gee – Is it any wonder why he dropped the investigation?

Unbelievable but true

For You Intel Geeks:

1) Protect Obama in 2 days.

2) Maytag sales are about to go into the toilet

3) This winter will see small mini-hurricanes across the world – like the Hail Storms in Colorado or Dagestan Russia. Be ready Insurance Companies and DO NOT expect any Federal Agency (Corporation) to assist.

4) Hanjin was temporarily bailed out by South Korea to allow their Sailors on board ships to eat.

5) Thank you for diverting the storm headed to England up into open waters off of Greenland

6) The DOJ has fined Deutch Banks $14 Billion, creating a Slush Fund for the DOJ. Deutch Bank is currently holding over $75 Trillion in Worthless Hedge Funds. They have until 2 October to cancel debts – the last Year of Jubilee ends. Then what???

7) Hit on Putin using some type of  “Sonic Blaster” will fail and he will go ballistic

8) Protect Trump 3 and 17 October and the Prez 17 October – shooter form above.

9) Pray that the White House’s Attempt to crash the market and try and create a tidal wave 28 October (Two-Fer) fails

10) The SDR is supposed to replace the Dollar on 1 October – but the SDR System has been hacked – oops.

11) Ooh Yea… the Dinar will be revalued 1 October – oops – that story is from 2011 and out of the CIA Office in Langley – the entire thing is a scam, a lie perpetrated to fool people.

Pray that your family is ready for whatever is coming – from a storm to a power outage.
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The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Venezuela plans to introduce supermarket fingerprinting – BBC News

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans stage independence protests | World news | The Guardian

Monkeys on typewriters are writing Shakespeare, thanks to new brain-sensing technology – ScienceAlert

Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection

These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.



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