DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Pres Trump Strikes At The Heart Of The Beast

PRES Trump Overturns Entire Left in 3 days – Strikes a Mortal Blow on the Beast.The entire group of Satanic NAZI Left Wing Nuts are now being overturned.After Donald Trump was elected he began work immediately on how to over turn what the left had done to America.As you recall – Hillary was supposed to destroy all Borders leading into America within 100 days and increase the Welfare Roll to the point where the entire American Economy Collapsed. The Cloward Piven Model – as set forth by the NAZI Regime running the nation way back in the mid-1960’s –  Was Implemented to destroy America from within through Deficits and welfare payments. This model was Firmly put in place by President Johnson with what is called “Chain Immigration” – bringing in millions of Immigrants and placing them on Welfare and entering a period of Permanent War.

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Pres Trump Strikes At The Heart Of The Beast


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