DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Norovirus Outbreak Oroville Dam Evacuation Cente


There is an Emergency Alert: A NoroVirus has broken out at the Oroville  Dam Evacuation Center at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico.

This means that between 20 to 30 people began vomiting and having severe diarrhea. The only way the NoroVirus is transmitted is through Fecal Matter – Human Poop by someone who is infected with the virus – unless it is placed in your food in a Spore Form – Time Release Pill.

Since 1867 no one has ever contracted the NoroVirus at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds until now.

The Red Cross moved in and took over part of it and created the “Oroville Dam Evacuation Center.”

Within 24 hours the Main Stream Media and George Soros’s SCOPE  will report this to be a Fake Story – Watch.

24 hours.

In fact – KRCR ABC Channel 7 has already reported that everyone is all better – somebody waved their magic wand and poof – all 30 people vomiting and pooping their brains out are all better, It never happened, its all caused by – Swamp Gas, yeaa – that’s it – Swamp Gas.

Yet Tweets keep on coming that these people are still sick.

Mainstream Media Pigs – you can lie but we all know you are liars.

The Outbreak occurred on the same day Takeda announced they had just developed a NoroVirus Vaccine and going to release it.


You bet your life.

They contracted the Norovirus the same day they released the Vaccine???

So the Outbreak was accidentally on purpose????

There was more in that timed release pill than Nor virus – watch now as the whole town may get sick.

Murdering Satanic Pigs.

If you go to an evacuation center you take your lives into your own hands.

We all suspected Foul Play by some “Federal Agency” in this whole Oroville Dam Escapade – why not just turn the Generators on and not use the Spill Way and then repair it???

Another set of Viruses have just been released – this time in Chico, California.


This will get worse folks – be ready for anything these Satanic NAZI’s plan to throw at you. Stock up while you can


Please pray that those behind this “Test” are taken to task immediately.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Authorities: Suspected Norovirus Outbreak Spreads at Chico Evacuation Center | FOX40


20 to 30 people staying at the evacuation center at the fairgrounds have symptoms consistent with Norovirus.

UPDATED: Norovirus outbreak minimal at Red Cross shelter – KRCR

Norovirus outbreak at shelter by Oroville Dam evacuees | The Sacramento Bee

Norovirus – Wikipedia

Silver Dollar Fair – About Us

Takeda’s norovirus vaccine first to reach human trials | Food Safety News

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Norovirus Outbreak Oroville Dam Evacuation Cente

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