Are Police Involved in DC Missing Girls? A Factual Analysis | Galactic Connection


Families have brought up the idea that police might be complicit in the many cases of missing DC girls.

These families have been accused of spreading a “conspiracy theory,” and some media outlets suggest that they should not be so alarmed.

The theory is that many children of color are missing in Washington, DC and it might be connected to human trafficking, and furthermore the police and possibly politicians might be involved in the human trafficking and covering it up.

In what follows, we analyze the theory and include only the known data to determine whether it has any merit.

Publicly Verifiable Data 1: Laura Silsby was incarcerated in 2010 for kidnapping multiple children of color from Haiti. A total of 33 children were kidnapped.


Google authenticated Emails released by Wikileaks
Legal and investigative journalist William Craddick

Publicly Verifiable Data 2: Laua Silsby’s name was changed to Laura Gayler and she became CFO of AlertSense in 2011, an organization that provides the technology to push Amber Alerts to the public.


AlertSense Executive Team

Publicly Verifiable Data 3: Amber Alerts were not pushed when multiple children of color began missing in Washington, DC…

Source: Are Police Involved in DC Missing Girls? A Factual Analysis | Galactic Connection


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