Destruction Of America’s Infrastructure Begins


The CIA has begun taking down America’s Infrastructure.

The overall plan is to destroy America’s Roadways, water ways, rail lines and airports.

After these are accomplished then “Operation Containment” will be initiated to contain American’s in their cities and then the CIA and Portions of the FBI will begin destroying individual cities like Seattle and Atlanta and Amarillo.

This means – of course – shutting down the Internet and their reporters As Soon As Humanly Possible either by de-funding them or flat out taking them off the internet.

Last night we saw the First Strike against America using YOUR tax dollars:

1) Atlanta: A truck carrying PVC Pipes with a core of highly flammable material caught on fire under a bridge in Atlanta.

Have you ever seen PVC Pipes Catch Fire???


PVC Pipe does not burn hot enough to melt through Steel Reinforced Cement. Someone blew this Bridge. Period. This is why you see the flames sour right before the collapse – they were pushed up by the explosions and then the collapse came.

Please note – there was no rebar showing in this bridge – so this was planned when the freeway was built and there are about 3,000 of these “Bridges” that were built across America and ready to be blown – I have seen some of these maps of these bridges in the US Army Corps of Engineers Head Quarters – and they are primarily in North America and Europe.

If the leaders of Europe and Canada cooperate and continue to worship Lucifer and Rape, Murder and Eat Human Sacrifices their infrastructure will remain in tact. Otherwise – the CIA will begin their dirty work in their cities and countries.

You start a fire, then move in to blow these supports under the cover of the fire. It is that simple and quick and we have practiced it 100 times on Rail Road Bridges, Major Freeway Bridges, and at Airport Control Centers.

One man – 400 Blank Rounds,  and an airport is shut down. If planned correctly. Then you blow the infrastructures after the public is evacuated. A few FAKE Injuries – and voila – a False Flag – a “Disaster”

This is why there were no fire trucks there – no Fire Bombers –  no police – no emergency vehicles any where near this fire.

It was blown – plain and simple.

The CIA and FBI had the full cooperation of the Satanic Priest that runs the Atlanta Police Department.

2) Second – Las Vegas was hit with a very un-natural Wind Storm that knocked out power and flipped Loaded semi trucks on the freeway.

So it begins.

Why Atlanta and Vegas – the amount to Intelligence office under, and around, these cities.

3) Senator Mark Warren – A Great Satanic NAZI – opens the Senate Hearing yesterday by stating the Internet News has been Weaponized by Russia. His attempt to shut down the Internet was absolutely crazy – insane. Only a Mad Man would say what he said.

When we called his staff this morning they were all embarrassed – he has gone absolutely insane.

For a full analysis you may wish to go to True News and listen to yesterday’s broadcast.

Scuttle butt in the Diplomatic World is that the Senator – and other NAZI Democrats –  have gone absolutely over the top – cadywhompus insane, paid liars that are no longer sane – 3 bricks shy of a full load. They are totally insane and dangerous and need to be contained immediately.…

via Destruction Of America’s Infrastructure Begins — DR WILLIAM MOUNT


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