Message from Matthew 4-2-17… “Heart, soul; Earth’s Golden Age; ascension; light, love; baptism; Barack Obama; Donald Trump, universal laws’ effects on administration; Vladimir Putin; Global Love Day”

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This Matthew message covers many aspects of the political scene, and illuminates what Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin have come here to do, and their limitations. Particularly, although it is now “in vogue” to denigrate Obama (who may or may not have been multiply cloned), the message from Matthew very much aligns with what I (and several others I know) have felt about him from the beginning. And although Donald Trump is referred to by Robert David Steele as an “accidental President” (see this Kp blog post), Matthew mentions that, regarding Trump’s efforts to take down the cabal, the “Vibrations support this plan that is of worldwide importance.”

So there’s likely something for everyone here.

“Often we have urged you to heed your intuition, messages to the consciousness from the soul, wherein all truth is known; and in one of God’s talks with my mother, He told…

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