Robert Steele: Is Kushner Mossad, Syria Chemical Attack Done by Israel?

I like the honest analysis of Bob Steele, and he explains how Kushner may have worked with Mossad agents to get Jewish husbands for Ivanka and Chelsea. He likes Kushner, but believes he needs to be heavily vetted, and I agree.

^Jared Kushner and Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi at the Harvard Chabad New York Alumni Reception, June 2013

Steele also point out that it’s possible that Trump pulled a fast one on the Neocons (my analysis) but thinks that Trump made a mistake. I’m sticking with my original analysis. I believe Trump is smarter than me, and the writing is on the wall, is telling me so. However, I question ALL authority, and I don’t like Kushner being so close to the Nuke Football.

There’s also a part where he says he received an email from a source within the Whitehouse basically laying out how Bannon told Kushner we didn’t need to fight Isreals enemies for them, and Kushner called Americans “stupid”

Interesting interview.

It’s interesting to note, Kushner owns 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhatten.

Source: Robert Steele: Is Kushner Mossad, Syria Chemical Attack Done by Israel? | International


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