A Couple of Lada Rays… “Putin Schools Merkel on Geopolitics” (5-3-17) and “Fake News vs Truth: … How the West Sabotages Crimea” (4-30-17) (and the NEW ESR 18 is out, baby!!)

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Artist’s rendering of the Crimea Bridge

I had a sense it was time for some Europe-Russia-Crimea type news, and I’ve been receiving updates from Lada Ray, so I’m quite sure she has her fingers on the pulse. I especially enjoyed reading the article about Crimea (and, naturally, all the fake MSM news being put out about it; so what else is new?). Somewhere inside me there is a soft heart space for Crimea and her courageous people. Remember Natalya Poklonskaya? And this video (related Kp blog post)?

First of all, I’ll first mention ESR 18, “New Earth Shift Report 18! Lada Ray French Election Predictions: Le Pen- Macron Face-Off” (direct link to report). I’m sure many will have interest in that.

The others I’ve placed below, title and highlights (from my view). The first one below illustrates the GCM* moves by Vladimir Putin…

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