Hollywood’s Shellen Transcends Nazi Targeted Mind Control 

A super secret corporate government operation called by many the US Gestapo because it is covertly targeting individuals with impunity, recently took a landmark blow with public statements by a famous Hollywood celebrity and a medical doctor. Together, they exposed something far more explosive than Edward Snowden or Julian Assange have. This star heroically gave public testimony about his personal experiences as a targeted individual along with a doctor, who is praised for investigating the TI-mind control program when a loved one confided in him about being targeted. The doctor concurred with Deborah Dupré’s 2011 findings that many Hollywood stars are closet targeted individuals.

Exposed! U.S. Gestapo Licensed To Ruin TI Lives

After more than 10 years of the ever-growing worldwide community of mind-control TI survivors’ seeking a celebrity to advocate for them, perhaps actor Stephen Shellen has answered their call (in the YouTube video below). Soon after his landmark interview (in YouTube video below), Shellen urged all the silent high-profile TIs to come out of the closet and describe their targeted experiences. Like all TIs, Shellen wants everyone targeted to defy media’s fake news stories about TIs being delusional, a major part of the mind control program to discredit them so severely, they lose employment.

Shellen says it’s going to take each and every TI to help beat the program. If everyone targeted came forward, public outrage would be so great, there would be overwhelming demand proper investigations, laws against the crime and accountability. Provide the targeting facts, show hard evidence, enable trusted alternative news sources to report the crime, and thus help end the corporate-government targeting hit-list program, Shellen urges…

Source: Hollywood’s Shellen Transcends Nazi Targeted Mind Control | Spies and Intelligence


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