Office of Poofness 5-14-17… “Mothers Love”

Kauilapele's Blog

A new Poofness / Susan / Zap report. The only part I’m going to expand is this idea of “family”. Zap refers to the “nuclear family”, which is fine. But there is a concept in Hawaiian (Polynesian) culture called “Hānai family”, where another family adopts a child, in one way or another, for teaching, expanding the child’s experiences, and so on. This way the child’s family becomes the community. I like that idea a lot more than the “strictly nuclear” idea. That’s what saved my life, actually. My “nuclear” was pretty “dysfunctional-e-ar”. I like the Hānai concept, and I believe it is equally as important as the “nuclear” (which often means, “isolated”) idea.

One point I will make here is that although a lot of these may seem repetitive, there are some parts of them which align with other “data points” from other sources. So in any event…

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