Joan Rivers Reemerging After faking Death, PROVES Michelle Obama is a Man

If you’ve been researching into the conspiracy theory about Michelle Obama being a man, then last week was your dream come true.

Joan Rivers reemerges with good friend Clive Davis, which should suggest. Another good friend of his, Whitney Houston also faked her death.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see, the similarities between The Woman with Clive Davis and Joan Rivers are the same.


Joan Rivers decided to open her mouth. So you’re going to tell me, this Woman who looks like Joan Rivers, also sounds like Joan Rivers? Wow what are the odds of that?

This only solidifies the fact that Joan Rivers was put on FBI Witness protection, after her Michelle Obama is a man rant. I wrote about this in detail back in September 5, 2014

Why would Joan Rivers go to such drastic measures of faking her Death and being put into The FBI Witness Protection Program? Because what she was saying was indeed True, Michelle Obama is a man.

The face on Clive Davis and others is telling

Joan Rivers had a nose job, ear job and let’s her natural grey hair grow in. Look at Clives face, looks like a face of a man who’s just been caught…

Source: Joan Rivers Reemerging After faking Death, PROVES Michelle Obama is a Man | Conspiracy Theories

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