“Lindacita Sails the Bahamas” by Linda Morison is a bold adventure that leads the way for kids with brain disorders. | Amazing Smart Kids

Lindacita Sails the Bahamas” by Linda Morison is an inspiring, easy, great read. Suitable for all ages, including ambitious young readers. The youngest to have read the book so far is 11 . Being an avid reader myself from a young age, I would have loved reading this story when I was a teenager.  A Geraldton school teacher has ordered copies for his class to help reinforce his message of hope and encouragement in his students that are the least likely to succeed in life; the odds greatly stacked against them as they do not fit the academic mould , many from disadvantaged backgrounds. “Lindacita Sails the Bahamas” will certainly demonstrate that one’s own self determination is a critical success factor in life.

The author, Linda Morison, shares poignantly the struggles she experienced as a teenager not fitting the “status quo” .  It is evident that she is smart but her brain constantly let her down particularly when put on the spot.  It did not provide the answers she needed when she mostly needed. Add social isolation to the mix and you have the classic recipe for disaster ahead of you in life. I think we can all relate to the perplexing nature of your inner world not matching the outer world. So many riddles in life to solve, Linda’s made more complex as she had undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder.

Linda’s father is a great example of what it takes to be a parent. He makes great errors in judgement driven by his strong commitment to being a good Dad. How many of us as parents have screwed up with our kids because we lacked understanding and did not see the full picture?Linda’s father made a bold decision to change his life and that of his family.  He embarked on an adventure, sailing a yacht with his family to the Bahamas.  Back in the early 70’s that was unthinkable. It changed their lives as a family and it altered Linda’s view of herself and what she was capable of.

The message of “Lindacita Sails the Bahamas” is a match for the vision of the movement Amazing Smart Kids.  It was once believed that our brains were hard wired and fixed.  Neuroplasticity is demonstrating that our brains are highly malleable, changeable. This area of science is an adventure into discovering the unknown and tapping into our human potential.  The gritty determination of Linda to persist is a critical success factor that many families would resonate both in themselves as parents, as well as their children.  We intend to give hope and light to those parents that struggle to understand their children, as Linda’s dad did. We aim to bring together families that suffer in isolation and build a community that is supportive and encouraging.

Everyone who chooses to purchase a copy of this great book is providing an allegiance and support to those who live in great anguish and despair, hungry for a solution to a problem that is a life sentence. This is your chance to show you care and are willing to invest in a solution.

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