WHOA! Look What Barron Just Brought To White House For The Official New Pet – Libs Are FREAKING Out

View on YouTube WHOA! Look What Barron Just Brought To White House For The Official New Pet – Libs Are FREAKING Out
WHOA! Look What Barron Just Brought To White House For The Official New Pet – Libs Are FREAKING Out

It’s a tradition for the first family to bring a new dog into the White House which is different with each president. The Obamas had a pair of black Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny, one of which infamously swatted at Sasha and Malia Obama’s teen friend. The girl was left with a bloody gash at one of her final visits to her friends in the White House before they moved out. While that unfortunate and shocking event was overlooked or even excused by liberals, they’ve saved their energy to freak out over what Barron just brought into his new D.C. home as the first family pet.

It’s been since the Kennedys were in the White House that a first son has lived there, since other president’s sons were old enough to be out of the house and there was a series of just daughters among recent Commanders-in-Chiefs. With this new history-making event comes new traditions built on existing ones, considering boys often like different kinds of pets than girls, and Barron is no exception.

The first son has already made himself at home since officially moving into the White House over this past weekend. One of the first and perhaps most exciting parts of living in this special new place is that he gets to have a pet and is a major part of picking it.

The Trumps didn’t have a pet in their New York City home at Trump Towers, so moving to 1500 Pennsylvania Ave is monumental for Barron in a number of ways – including getting a dog should the family agree on this new addition. Every single president over the past 150 years has adopted a White House dog but the Trumps have yet to do so. Instead, they are doing things their own incredible way that works best for them which is really respectable, unless you’re a liberal with something negative to say about it.

“The Trump family, as far as is publicly known, does not own any animals. Unless something changes, that means that Donald Trump could become the first president in 150 years who does not have a pet,” the Washington Post reports. However, Lois Pope says she holds the pet that will soon be Barron’s sidekick after what happened at the Trump’s recent Thanksgiving event held at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago.

The Washington Post explains after Pope gave a recent interview on the matter:


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