Report: Bill O’Reilly May Be Returning To TV Soon

View on YouTube Report: Bill O’Reilly May Be Returning To TV Soon
Report: Bill O’Reilly May Be Returning To TV Soon

It has been a little more than two months since Bill O’Reilly’s last broadcast on the Fox News Channel, and almost every day since then, there has been speculation as to if and when the former top-rated news host would return to broadcast television.

A new report suggests that return may happen sooner rather than later. Mediaite reported Friday that a producer who recently left Fox News has joined O’Reilly in a new online video project “that is soon to launch,” the report said.
Mediaite also claims the producer said there are “broadcast plans to follow shortly,” but would not reveal any specifics beyond that.O’Reilly told Mediaite that, “We are assembling a team of journalists and are considering a number of options as is quickly developing into a major enterprise.”Variety reported Thursday that One America News, a conservative network which reaches about 35 million homes, is actively pursuing O’Reilly.

After O’Reilly appeared on the network for an interview, CEO Bob Herring sent a tweet suggesting O’Reilly may soon be with the One America News on a full-time basis.
“He said he’ll be on a lot more,” Herring told Variety. “I would love to hire him, but I can’t tell you anything that’s going on yet.”O’Reilly has not stayed quiet since his dismissal from Fox News. He has been a regular guest each Friday on Glenn Beck’s nationally syndicated radio show. He also hosts a podcast four days a week that is available to paid subscribers. There has also been speculation that O’Reilly may look to create his own media network similar to Beck’s TheBlaze.

He appeared June 8 on Newsmax for an interview about his dismissal from Fox News and to discuss his future plans. “I may come back to television. It just depends,” O’Reilly said. “We’re living in a pretty vicious age now. Whoever I work for is going to have to have a lot of courage to stop the far left from attacking sponsors and spreading lies about people.”


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