Melania VICIOUSLY Attacked On Live TV Last Night – Millions Of Americans In Shock

View on YouTube Melania VICIOUSLY Attacked On Live TV Last Night – Millions Of Americans In Shock
Melania VICIOUSLY Attacked On Live TV Last Night – Millions Of Americans In Shock

Late-night host Stephen Colbert included a skit in his Tuesday show to poke fun at both the President Donald Trump and the first lady, suggesting that Melania Trump fantasizes about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The mock-interview, in which the first lady was played by “Supergirl” actress Laura Benanti, was centered around Melania’s recent move from New York City into the White House.

“It’s like their second honeymoon, and for Donald, his fourth,” Colbert joked.

Benanti started off by stating that she searched for reasons to not move in with the president, but could not find any.

“It was so lonely in New York doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I called it my prison of freedom,” she said.

Colbert then asked if she was all moved into the White House, and Benanti responded by showcasing various items, including a framed picture of Melania flicking away the president’s hand during his trip to Israel in May.

“It wasn’t a slap,” Benanti said, imitating Melania’s accent. “His hands are so small, I thought it was mosquito.”
When Colbert asked if she expects the president to serve all 4 years of his term, Benanti responded, “America took a vow, and Donald Trump is our president. […] And we must honor that. No matter how often America fantasizes about being with Justin Trudeau,” adding sexually suggestive movements upon the mention of the Canadian prime minister’s name.

The interview closed with Benanti proclaiming, “Make America grape again” while sipping a glass of wine
Colbert has a history of making inappropriate comments regarding the president. In his show on May 1, he stated, “The only thing [Trump’s] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.” Many individuals viewed the comment as “homophobic” and “belittling.

Later that month, Colbert joked in an interview that Trump “is such a redolent turd that we have to examine how we allowed that thing in the food chain.”


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