ALERT, Check Your Bananas NOW – If You Find A Red Streak In Them, This Is The SICKENING Thing It Is

View on YouTube ALERT, Check Your Bananas NOW – If You Find A Red Streak In Them, This Is The SICKENING Thing It Is
ALERT: Check Your Bananas NOW – If You Find A Red Streak In Them This Is The SICKENING Thing It Is

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Not long after snack time, Lissa Melin’s young daughter began to feel dizzy and said that she was feeling sick. The little girl was feeling fine before she had snack time, but her condition quickly worsened. The mother began to obviously begin to panic not sure why her daughter was so sick all the sudden. Melin quickly ran to the banana that she had given her 8-year-old child and after inspecting it made a gruesome discovery.

Melin like any other parent in the world fed her daughter Dionne a banana not thinking that it could make her precious child sick. However, after taking just a couple bites of the yummy fruit the little girl fell ill. When Melin looked closely at the banana on Dionne’s plate she noticed thick red streaks in the center of the fruit. Melin then did a quick internet search and discovered what the red streaks and is now warning other parents.
As it turns out the red streak is a fungus that is naturally occurring and is called Nigrospora.

“I was panicking and I didn’t know what to do. She had only a couple mouthfuls but I was really worried about her,” Melin said. “She was fine until she had that banana and then all of a sudden she was feeling dizzy and sick.”

Melin’s daughter deteriorated rapidly so armed with the information from the internet she quickly took her to the emergency room in the U.K where they are from. Thankfully, the doctors were able to help and she made a quick recovery. The doctors confirmed that the fungus is not life-threatening, but it can make the person who consumes the fungus quite ill. It appears that the fungus is mostly psychosomatic, but that does not change the fear this young mother felt.

Because the fungus occurs in the center of the banana it difficult to see it before it is too late. Morrisons supermarket where the Melin’s purchased the contaminated banana has since apologized.

“We are sorry for Mrs. Melin’s daughter’s distress,” a Morrisons representative said. “This product did not meet our strict quality standards. However, we would like to assure her that it is a naturally occurring mold which is not harmful to humans.”
While this fungus is 100% real, leave it to the internet rumors to change the actual facts. Recently, people have been circulating this story again on social media sites, but are saying this fungus is something else. Instead of people accurately reporting that this is a naturally occurring fungus they are claiming it is HIV Positive blood.

American News, is one of those sites that has been found to be peddling this false story to people. Here is an excerpt from their article.

“According to some disturbing new reports, officials in the United States have just warned the public that somebody has been injecting HIV-infected blood into bananas.

Newsbake reports that eight children were diagnosed with HIV in the month of March, all from eating bananas from a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart. The mothers of these children became concerned when the children, all under the age of 17, started showing symptoms like fatigue, chills, rashes, and mouth sores.

A woman named Anna Aquavia posted a shocking message on Facebook about the incident, noting:

“This happened to my friends sister who lives in Nebraska but please share this and be aware. Someone is injecting blood into bananas. The hospital tested the banana and it is indeed blood. After researching on the Internet, apparently someone is injecting HIV positive blood into bananas and oranges.”

Now, there is allegedly a major recall on bananas coming from India, due to many of them being injected with the virus. An estimated 2 million bananas were affected by the disease.

There is a little thing that is called integrity which so many people seem to lack today. This fungus is real and it caused a little girl to become very ill. Why not report on the actual cause of the red streak so others can be aware of it? To tell people that it is HIV positive blood is reckless and highly irresponsible. Words do matter and when reporting the news it is important for us all to double check the sources that are being presented to us.

This mother and daughter went through something very frightening and does not need her words to be changed. As Melin said previously, all she just wanted to do was issue a warning to other parents to be on the lookout. I know for myself I will keep a closer eye on the fruit that I feed my child. I did not know about this fungus, but I am glad I do now.

In my opinion, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of a cure. Which means, in this case, to take the extra steps and cut the fruit into pieces to ensure it is safe.


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