Dr Dave Janda’s WTF Section – #007

News Section for Caravan to Midnight full long-form interview
Episode 7 – Dr Dave Janda – Simon Roche & Charles Strange

Full interview – http://ift.tt/2tAAkNi

Monday July 17th 2017

In this edition of Caravan To Midnight hosted by Dr. Dave Janda, the lead off WTF segment focuses on how the Globalist scams are falling apart. For the interview segments, Simon Roche presents information on the Genocide occurring to whites in South Africa and Charles Strange outlines the tragedy of Extortion 17 & the Murder of Seal Team 6.

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David H. Janda, M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and a member of a nine-member orthopedic surgery group. In addition, Dr. Janda is the director and founder of the Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is the only health care cost containment organization of its kind in North America. Dr. Janda’s academic career has been highlighted by many awards and distinctions.


Executive producer
John B. Wells
News & Politics

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