8.9 – More Dead Doctors | Pastor Clinton? | Trump vs. Traffickers | North Korea & ISIS


Today’s Sources:
Slate: “The Clinton Foundation Is Not a Scandal. It’s a Phenomenal, Life-Saving Success.” – https://goo.gl/unBr3J
ZeroHedge: “Is The Deep State Plotting To Remove President Trump From Office Within The Next 6 Months?” – https://goo.gl/xsDZSi
FoxNews: “Pope Francis attacks conservative Catholics — and Trump?” – https://goo.gl/pWm7nw
Tribune Democrat: “Conference connects human trafficking to opioid epidemic” – https://goo.gl/obRdTo
Health Nut News: “Famous Holistic Doctor & Wife Allegedly Jump to Death off Manhattan Office Highrise- Leave Typed Suicide Notes” – https://goo.gl/ChS7Zt

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