“Chris Beat Cancer” Chris Wark interviewed by the Health Ranger

If you’ve never heard the story of Chris Wark of “Chris Beat Cancer” fame, you’re in for an eye-opening journey. Diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer, Chris Wark rejected the toxic cancer industry and turned to raw foods juicing to completely eliminate colon cancer.

This decision earned him insults, attacks and fear-based intimidation attempts by doctors, friends and even some family members. As he explains in this interview, if you agree to be poisoned by chemotherapy and radiation, you are celebrated and adored by people. But if you choose the path of healing and nutrition, you are smeared and insulted.

That’s how deeply the culture of toxic cancer treatments has inundated our twisted society: Nourishing yourself with healing foods is considered BAD, but poisoning yourself with toxic chemotherapy chemicals is deemed GOOD.

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