Sharen Shares “Some Seemingly Good News From Yosef” !! “Souvenier Bundle” Intel as of Sunday PM:

“Souvenier Bundle”
Issue #17 October 16, 2017

Intel as of Sunday PM:

Redemption estimates show 50 million Americans with currency. They will receive an email with instructions for appointment setting with 800#s.

All new USN pallets have been delivered by UST via military helicopter or convoy.

All fiat USD bills will be replaced and be a deeper color and have United States Note at the top replacing Federal Reserve Bank—all with red seals and serial numbers replacing green seals and green serial numbers.

And because everyone will be getting a $10,000 USN “souvenir bundle” that equates to a $500T cash deposit—which was made Saturday night into the American banking system.

The Admiral will redeeming IQD & VND as scheduled, but won’t be redeeming ZIM even though his top notch crew in that cheap Reno hotel took thousands of ZIM holders currency at a conversion rate of $0.00000018 USD per $1.00 ZIM.

Reno clients will all be referred to HSBC for their ZIM redemptions just like the general currency holding public.

Private Rates (Sunday)
Off Site Redemption Centers
ZIM $5.32
IQD $34.67
VND $28.31

Public Rates (Sunday)
Local Bank Branches
ZIM $0.16
IQD $3.71
VND $2.75

Private RV starting Monday October 16, 2017 going through October 22, 2017 for a 6 day redemption period.

Public RV starting on Tuesday October 17, 2017 going through October 30, 2017 for a 13 day redemption period.

October 31, 2017 revalued FOREX rates will appear to the global trading public.

There will be no announcement made about any currencies going to the gold standard in the near future—if ever!

There 12 call centers total in USA. 2 are always active, 10 are back ups and switched every four hours.

There is a separate ZIM specific division in each call center manned by military personnel.

Best of luck in your new life. It’s been an honor servicing this clandestine yet destined community.

God is with us
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