“Be Ready” – Intel Update from Tank 12-1-17


12/01/2017 01:42:00 PM Emailed, Intel, Tank, Update

Entry Submitted by Tank at 12:49 AM EST on December 1, 2017

INTEL-BE READY 12:25 PM EST 12/1/2017
•Mr. Rand said that there would be a Flash Bang that would trigger everything. Well we have our Flash Bang. ABC news is reporting he’s promised full cooperation with investigators including willingness to testify against President Trump and others in the Trump family, and others in the White House.
•Okay, we could all see something big coming. So it’s not like we’re THAT impressed. But to Jared Rand’s credit, he did say there would be a Flash Bang to cover the exchange process. This event will play out over the next few months and be all consuming media. In addition, this will lead to all types of opportunities to expose levels of corruption in a very organic fashion.
•So score one for the good guys, you ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING YOU SAID YOU’D DO! And the crowd goes wild!!
•But, that is only significant IF that event sets off the RELEASE. And, I don’t mean the release of whatever happens every time they tell us it’s done, or that something was released over night and they’re watching for risks, but THE release of notifications to US!
•It’s possible that when the Tax Reform Bill is officially announced passed that we go right then. My sources say it”s actually been done and that’s just part of the show.
WHAT WE (THINK) WE KNOW •We have confirmation that Exchange Centers have been ready since about 9:00 AM EST this morning.
•All systems have been tested and are ready to go
•Mechanisms to Gold back every currency in the world are set
•Confirmed liquid exchanges taking place in Canada at HSBC
•Table Top meetings for the ZIM swaps and other groups being scheduled
•UST stating this can go at any moment
•Iraq has an active exchange rate of $2.00 that we’re hearing may have increased and fully RV’d today
•Iraq is supposed to be paying their people at a rate of $3.00 or so on Monday, that is according to Frank KTFA, who’s team is kind of the local experts on the world of the Iraqi Dinar
•ZIM is Gold Backed-most importantly to us

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