Greg Caton – The Joys of Psychopathocracy: Why Criminality is Essential to Modern Government

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S y n o p s i s

This is Government. There are many things you can do with Government. You can use it to rally people to a cause. You can use it to tell people how much you care about social justice, civil rights, law and order, the environment, world peace, racism, or democracy. There’s a thousand uses you can find for Government. Yet there is only one function for which it is best suited and for which its designers use it 99% of the time: To mask, nurture, cultivate and actuate criminal conspiracies. In other words, you use it to create the appearance of goodness when, in fact, it acts as a cover for the most evil and hideous human activities imaginable. The reason that this is a Government’s best function is because that is the purpose for which it was created. Any other function is artificial and not in keeping with Government’s original design – or its essential nature.
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