Dear Dinar Zimlandians..Today your REDEMPTION was declared by two events”……

Dear Dinar Zimlandians, Happy New Year!

Today your REDEMPTION was declared by two events”……
  Pfizer  DRUG Co. published  that they would discontinue Research and Development for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases….. why??
Because we get to eat real food grown by real family farms.

TODAY, President Trump signed Two Executive Orders at the Nashville Tennessee FARM BUREAU’S EVENT. 

 FARMERS ARE free to grow healthy crops and market them anywhere in the world. They keep their farms to pass onto their children, no death tax, AND they will have top quality internet to do business ( gee is this related to SpaceX launch today?) 


So children of Israel,  as before, go forth in freedom without plagues you have endured in the FLESH pots of Egypt.  (GMO Seeds of Death) 
Read about the plagues if you don’t know what they were: especially cattle disease (mad cow?) Toxic water, (Flint, Michigan)  boils (skin cancer), etc. 

The child in this picture IS ALLERGIC if she eats a Peanut Butter & Jam sandwich on white bread with a glass of Milk!  Basic food has been toxic. YEP, AND THAT CAUSED BIG PHARMA TO CREATE FAKE DRUGS TO SUPPRESS SYMPTOMS FROM TOXIC FAKE FOOD.
And…. notice the DATE of this Newsweek issue…Nov 5, 2007.  

Celebrate Freedom!
The Voice of Kwan Yin

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