1. “Where are we” – Kim Possible Intel Update 2-9-1


2/09/2018 04:13:00 PM Emailed, Intel, Update
Entry Submitted by Kim Possible at 4:07 PM EST on February 9, 2018

Many of you are asking where we are on Tank’s (and others) transfer? This will give you an idea. Also, I am going to apologize in advance for the “tone” of this update, but it’s only because I “strongly dislike” these “cabal stooges”.

As many of you are aware the “RV” did not happen as yet with only a few tricklings of rumors that “some guy somewhere exchanged”, however that person (much like the “elders”) does not come forward, is always “nameless” and then a new date is set for the “lay folk” as in anyone who has a name, fogs a mirror and isn’t from the “land of oz”. Who is that wizard guy anyway? Are these “RV/GCR/Dinar” folks really the good guys? Who is the Alliance? Hmmm. I will explain.

So everytime the “RV” doesn’t happen every single bank I am working with gets a call from the “cabal stooges” telling them they are from homeland or some other govt entity and not to work with me. I will tell you who that is in a moment, but let me first explain. Yesterday I cleared compliance and today I didn’t.. Same old crap. The cabal’s bill was due yesterday, The Fat Guy, whom I have affectionately named “Humpty Dumpty”(because he is round and has taken a great fall), most of you know this person as Henry Kissinger shows up in Trump’s office and pleads on behalf of his cohorts (who shall be named below) for 24 hours. Ok fine, that brought us to today. 48 hours ago the bank did all their verifications of funds, received US Department of Treasury Foreign Asset Control Reports and were very satisfied with the Trust, from their compliance department’s lips to my ears. So flash forward to today, the bank is saying now they can’t help us. Why may you ask? I will explain with great pleasure out on the internet for the whole world to see. Will they attack me for this? Oh probably, but hey what have I got to loose?

Although I am used to this (and normally race against the RV clock) because if I get my transaction closed before the Dinar is to pay out and the Government is being promised yet another date for funding (along with most governments) then I am golden.. If I pass by an RV date then poof next day deal is dead. It’s the truth and now some of you are seeing it first hand.

So today I got a call from a Colonel (a real one), now I know this person, said he had a project and wanted to help veterans. Sounds Good Right? Well, here is the rest of the story. A) He works directly for Dick Cheney B) Using the back door to the USA financial system to block funds and steal funds for Cheney and C) Carries a current homeland security badge (how does that happen?) You are about to learn how…

Let me introduce you to “The Alliance” ever watch that show Nikita? I think it went off the air in mid 2000’s. Great Show and I think you can catch it on Netflix… All of the “agents” that work for the “alliance” believe they work for an intelligence agency until they find out they don’t.. Interesting show, and yes, the wing nut that runs the agency is just as crazy as the one in the show, and truly just as evil. In the show he is run out of the Alliance and goes to work for the World Health Organization and is searching for DaVinci’s secret to immortality. In real life he works intimately with the UN, thinks he is immortal already, and has no problem with killing us all off.
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