Black Knight Satellite True Purpose Finally Revealed

A binary star system called Epsilon Bootis is central to this theory. Amazingly, messages were decoded from it’s inhabitants. Had the Black Knight satellite finally revealed its purpose? Was an alien civilization from deep space trying to communicate with the Earth?

In 1998, compelling visual evidence for the existence of the mysterious satellite finally emerged. The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour, managed to take dozens of clear high-resolution photographs of a strange black object near their craft. As in 1960, the object was dismissed as space debris  –  a thermal blanket that had come loose during the construction of the International Space Station. But the photographs just fueled more speculation about what was in the skies. The old stories of Tesla, the LDEs and Duncan Lunan’s star map were revived.

After more than a century of speculation, the big question still remained:

Are there ancient alien satellites in Earth’s orbit?
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