“Kim vs. Jared Continued” by Whoof – 2.10.18


This is a follow up from the last post, “Off Ledger Accounts” by Whoof – 2.9.18 whereas I stated there were two conflicting sources regarding “OFF LEDGER ACCOUNTS”.

Mr. Rand clearly stated on RTC that he recommended that we tell the bank at our exchange ( WHENEVER THAT IS WTF, NO ONE HAS JACK YET) to hold our accounts OFF LEDGER for the sake of privacy and our own security. That way every Tom Dick and Harriet (you have to include a female lol) in the bank won’t know you’re loaded and a target gets taped to your back.

Then yesterday, Kim Possible posts a warning to NOT LET THEM HOLD YOUR ACCOUNTS OFF LEDGER saying that it’s a Bush/Cheney proposed new “off ledger system” to hold Dinar funds. I can only assume she meant all Dinar funds including ours. But did she mean it included other currencies? That’s unanswered and needs to be addressed by Kim.

In conclusion, this is just ALL TALK let’s face it cause we don’t have two pennies to rub together yet. HOWEVER, in the likely event we do, IMHO and because dogs bark when they sense danger, Mr. Rand is deliberately attempting to hook us into the Bush/Cheney off ledger scam in order that the two scum bags Bush/Cheney can steal our funds. This implies Mr. Rand is cabal.

With the risk of sounding like One Who Knows wherever he is, this is a pretty strong statement and Mr. Rand should be given the opportunity to counter. I hope he doesn’t disappear now but I doubt he will. Additionally, we appreciate all the intel he has given us regarding other matters unrelated to off ledger accounts. But if he is cabal, the intel he gave us is also in question.

However in the last RTC he did authenticate Kim implying she was indeed tasked with finding a safe way to fund accounts without being intercepted by cabal. Confused now?

The reality is most of us have never heard of ” off ledger” accounts until Mr. Rand introduced them. Then Kim informed us why the off ledger accounts are dangerous.

So the question is, would you prefer to keep your funds, whenever we get them, close to your chest with normal banking accounts or do you want to risk losing your funds to the two cabal scum Bush/Cheney with off ledger accounts? Anything to do with the above aforementioned cabal scum should be a RED FLAG for you.

Kim, you also need to address this issue to solve the mystery of why you think Mr. Rand suggested the use of off ledger accounts.

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