Urgent Call To Action , Trisha DeLaurent CPS Case – Recorded Tapes Prove Misconduct By Oregon DDA

PLEASE SHARE & COMMENT . On 10/7/2016, Oregon DHS accused Trisha DeLaurent of Medical Child Abuse, the foundational allegation within medical kidnapping cases. Trisha spent months of speaking out and pleading for help as her children with abused in state, instead of help she was gagged! Supporters of Trisha have now come forward to ask for your help, please take 5 minutes to comment and share this story. This family desperately needs and deserves our help.

After a year of alienation from her children, on 10/21/2017, Trisha DeLaurent attended a meeting with DHS caseworkers during which DDA Mickley was also present. Trisha audio taped the meeting because she was without counsel, and she believed she was being subjected to illegal and unethical actions within the case. The tapes prove the following misconduct by DDA Mickley, and have resulted in a complaint to the Oregon Bar and the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.

1) DDA Mickley discourages Trisha from retaining counsel advising that she should self-represent, even when she states she is actively working to secure counsel. This meeting never should have even happened when Trisha was clear with this court, DHS, and DDA Mickley that she wanted counsel.

2) DDA Mickley attempted to deny Trisha with an opportunity to even be heard in court by advising that she should ask the court to rule without ever hearing her side of the case. That is legal advice.

3) DDA Mickley stated that this court had decided against Trisha before her side was even presented. This shows that the prosecutor within this case believes the court to be bias. “You’re losing the trial. And, I don’t know what you are going to be able to present is going to be sufficient enough to overcome the evidence that the judge has heard already.” Even stating that this case is Fait Accompli. The definition of “fait accompli”: A thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept.

The prosecutor within this case expressed an opinion on tape to an unrepresented party that the bias against her and that even with presentation of her case that the outcome was predetermined; fait accompli.

4) When Trisha didn’t sign the petition allegations in that meeting and settle the case DDA Mickley then threatens criminal charges. A violation of OSB Disciplinary Rules 7-105 “Threatening Criminal Prosecution (A) Except as provided below, a lawyer shall not threaten to present criminal charges to obtain an advantage in a civil matter. A lawyer may threaten to present such charges if, but only if, the lawyer reasonably believes the charge to be true and if the purpose of the lawyer is to compel or induce the person threatened to take reasonable action to make good the wrong which is the subject of the charge.” After a year DDA Mickley knows that the case against Trisha is highly complex, and the issues experienced by Marcus are well documented with objective medical record, and many credible witnesses.

5) A month later, on 11/22/17 when AAG Christopher Sanders is present DDA Mickley suddenly recalls his ethical duties.

Story links:

VoicesNetwork has three DDA audios up (last week the Bar and Oregon Government Ethics Commission accepted complaints):

Case origin, mentally ill grandma, not medical professional reports innocent mom:

Primary accuser Lance Ulich is a domestic abuser that the mother and children hold a lifetime restraining order against:

Illegal Gag Order is imposed upon the mother when she speaks out to protect her children from foster care abuse:

View on YouTube

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