I interview Ben Davis, Jr. former U.S. Army now targeted individual who experienced an alien abduction at Fort Polk while in the Army.  During the abduction he was told to steal a DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON or the Earth would be destroyed!  So Ben and 4 other soldiers stole the DEW and buried it on the base.  It was discovered by the military shortly after and the soldiers were interrogated and mind controlled to forget the incident…. This is a fascinating story unlike any you may have heard.SHORT BIO: BEN R. DAVIS, JR. :…” It never dawned on me until the past 5 years, that my high intelligence is what the Army wanted from me… I am considered a borderline genius…

I became a 12B Combat Engineer, stationed at Fort Polk, La, until the day that I believe, is when I was abducted, taken up into a space craft, went to the future (2026) and was ‘shown’ events of my future… Including a daughter that I was to have and the mother of that daughter, who just happens to be 1sr cousin to John T Vasquez (deceased) author of Incident at Fort Benning. I wrote my book before John published his, but I never knew John prior to that day. The rest is now history, because I have never shut up about Alien abduction and the Incident at Fort Polk… and my family thought I was a nut case… until my daughter, Crystal Rose, was conceived… and she is now a Sergeant in the USAF and has birthed 2 grandkids to me…”


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