Laura Eisenhower Breaks Free – Mars Recruitment and the Secret Space Program

An Important Advocate For Truth and Disclosure
In this video, I am beyond thrilled to bring you the one and only Laura Eisenhower, great grand daughter of beloved former president Dwight D. Eisenhower who relentlessly battled the evil control constructs on our planet.

What’s Laura’s story?
The government attempted to recruit Laura into a secret off-planet program in 2006. Laura refused and began speaking out against these projects, and disclosing secret technologies and extraterrestrial-related covert operations of U.S. military-intelligence agencies and corporate entities. Due to Laura’s important voice of reason – she soon became a target, which only strengthened her resolve and solidified her purpose in this world to stand as a leader for truth and world community. 

Standing in Her Personal Power
Laura is a powerful voice in the truth movement- and her message is paramount for us to hear in order to learn about how to ascend to the next level of soul development.She not only exposes truths about topics within the political arena, but also teaches about soul mastery and the collective ascension of humanity. Laura is my role model, my sister, my teacher, my friend. I hope that you enjoy this Divine Frequency exclusive interview!

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Time Stampings and Topics Covered:
1 minute 49 seconds
Laura Eisenhower
Her Story

4 minutes 54 seconds
Mars Recruitment and the Secret Space Program
Laura Eisenhower on “Becoming a Disclosure Advocate”

7 minutes 54 seconds
Cabal Mind Control and Social Engineering
Laura Eisenhower on “Background Knowledge Before Mars Recruitment”

10 minutes 10 seconds
Secret Governmental Off-Planet Programs
Laura Eisenhower on “Interacting With The Agents of Secret Programs”

13 minutes 30 seconds
Uncovering The Truth
Laura Eisenhower on “Researching Agents”

14 minutes 20 seconds
Paranoia and Secret Programs
Laura Eisenhower on “Her Unfolding Experience”

15 minutes 21 seconds
Orders From Agents
Laura Eisenhower on “Understanding The Agenda”

16 minutes 21 seconds
Human Sovereignty
Laura Eisenhower on “Truth and Ascension”

18 minutes 02 seconds
Quantum Looking Glass Technology
Laura Eisenhower on “Ancient Tools and Technologies”

19 minutes 09 seconds
Engineering Apocalypse
Laura Eisenhower on “The End of the World”

20 minutes 25 seconds
Laura Eisenhower on “Her Perspective on ETs”

23 minutes 59 seconds
Gaining Personal Power
Laura Eisenhower on “Breaking Free From Agents”

26 minutes 00 seconds
Going Public
Laura Eisenhower on “Breaking Free From Agents”

27 minutes 54 seconds
Physical Attack
Laura Eisenhower on “Breaking Free from Agents”

28 minutes 27 seconds
Connecting to Soul Purpose
Laura Eisenhower on “Why She Was Targeted”

31 minutes 52 seconds
Active Ascension
Laura Eisenhower on “Humanity’s Role in Consciousness Evolution”

34 minutes 22 seconds
Seeking The Truth
Laura Eisenhower on “Staying Connected”

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